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FA: Canon EOS 20D dSLR camera + BG-E2 battery grip and extras [ended]

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by mustang_dvs, Jun 3, 2008.

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    I have just listed an auction for a Canon EOS 20D dSLR with BG-E2 battery/vertical grip.

    UPDATE: As of 10:30pm EDT, the auction has exactly 3 hours and 30 mins left.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This EOS 20D was my primary camera for three years. It has shot professional auto races, fashion shoots, architectural abstracts and studio portraiture. The camera has about 15,000 activations -- out of a rated lifetime of 100,000 shutter cycles. (There's no way to get an exact number from the 10D/20D data files and unfortunately, moving cards between EOS dSLRs causes the camera to start counting at the last number written by the previous camera, in this case, my 10D predecessor.)

    I've since upgraded to the latest 1D's, so it's time for the 20D to find a new home. In addition to the complete original body kit, I am including a BG-E2 vertical battery grip, which allows you to use two rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, in addition to providing a second shutter release and controls, when shooting the camera vertically; a second BP-511 Li-Ion battery; an EP-EX15 eyepiece extender, which keeps you from smooshing your nose against the camera back (or bumping your glasses); an E-1 hand strap, for one-handed operation and a Hoodman ProCap LCD cover.

    The camera is in perfect working order and near flawless cosmetic condition (there is a single superficial (~1cm long/<1mm wide) rub mark above the * and [+] buttons on the back). The LCDs are scratch-free and bright.

    Special offer for MacRumors Forum Members: If you are the winning bidder and the final price exceeds $600, I will provide free USPS Priority Mail shipping, or upgrade you to 2-day UPS for the price quoted for USPS Priority Mail shipping -- your choice. Just message me, via eBay, after purchase with your MacRumors username and your shipping preference and, then reply to this thread -- I will either refund your shipping cost, or upgrade you, depending on your preference.
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    This listing (300230622734) has been removed or is no longer available. Please make sure you entered the right item number.
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    The item number is correct.

    As I said in the first post, the auction is not live, yet. It is a delayed start and goes live at 11pm PDT/2am EDT.
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    Wanna just sell me the battery grip, extra battery, and eyepiece extender?
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    If I hadn't already listed the auction, and if it didn't mean unsealing the shipping box, and setting up my lighting and shooting all new photos, I would.

    As it is, I do have a second, un-used (NISB) EP-EX15 -- they don't work with the 1's and I opted for a used DsII over a new 5D (which it would fit). PM me with your zip code, if you're interested in it and I'll send you back a price, with shipping.
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    The auction is now live. Good luck bidding.

    Feel free to ask me any questions you might have about it.
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    A little rubbing alcohol was able to remove all but the single rub mark from the back of the camera, this morning. I'll have updated photos this evening.

    Also, my server's HD is failing, so images may be offline until I can physically swap drives this evening. (Grrr...)
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    I've updated the auction with the photos that depict the camera with the rub marks cleaned up. The camera would be considered an 8+/9 by B&H or an E-/E by Adorama.

    I've also swapped the drive on the server, so it should be problem-free from here on out (fingers crossed).

    And, yes, that photo on the LCD was taken with this 20D, and it's what was actually shown on the LCD when I took the photo.

    New/updated photos:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Since a couple of people have asked the same question -- it's easier to answer it here:

    1. I will ship abroad, but... I will only send via USPS Express Mail Service, as it offers sufficient insurance and point-to-point tracking.
    2. The only form of payment that I will accept from non-U.S./Canada bidders is PayPal.
    3. I will declare the item as a Gift on customs forms, but I will list the full value -- in order to ensure proper insurance value, should the need arise to file a claim.

    If anyone has further questions, I prefer that you ask them via eBay, as I'm not checking my email as often as I am the listing page. Thanks and Good Luck Bidding!


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