Facebook Acquires 'Pulp' and 'Wallet' Developer Acrylic Software

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    While today's big acquisition news has been Google's purchase of Sparrow, another prominent Mac and iOS developer has also been swallowed up by a major Silicon Valley company.


    Acrylic Software has announced (via The Next Web) that it has been acquired by Facebook, which is bringing on the Acrylic team for its expertise rather than its current products, which include RSS reader Pulp (iPad, Mac) and secure personal database app Wallet (iOS, Mac).
    Acrylic's apps are not included in the deal, although the developer plans to continue offering them in their current states.

    Article Link: Facebook Acquires 'Pulp' and 'Wallet' Developer Acrylic Software
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    And that's the state of independent software development these days.
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    I still hate facebook
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    So does that mean no more updates to Wallet? I actually like it, but it hasn't seen an update in months now, despite the developer claiming that he's 'working on it'. May be the time to look out for another digital wallet app. Any recommendations for one that works on the iPhone and OS X?
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  6. mx01, Jul 20, 2012
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    I think it's quiet the opposite:

    … from what I've read there's a shortage of talented people in the sillicon valley and companies like facebook and google acquire small businesses to get hold of new talented staff.
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    This is page 2 news dude.
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    "...we shared many of the same core product design goals and principles"

    Wait. So you've used their services (i.e. the FB app) daily and you STILL feel that you share that much in common? The biggest problem I have with FB is its design principles and goals, as the app neither works nor is delivered on a timely basis.

    Don't insult yourself at the expense of your forthcoming buyout, buddy.
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    Never used those apps, so now there's even LESS reason to do so...**** Mark Sugarloaf's Bookface.


    Make that page 3, please. Slow news day, Arn?
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    I use Pulp daily, it's a great app. Disappointed there won't be any more updates, was hoping for an iPhone version at some point :(
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    "I do not think it means what you think it means"
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    damn that's annoying. I really liked Wallet, i liked how easy and quick it was to use, and how it sync'd across all my iOS and OS X systems.
    So now i'm going to have to find another app that does the same thing, and then spend AGES moving everything across.
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    Now Facebook will have access to all that data from Wallet users. :eek:
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    RIP Wallet

    As a longtime user of Wallet, I have to say I'm more than a bit disappointed by this news. It has been a slick way to keep my passwords and info synced across all my devices (and a comparatively inexpensive one at that...)

    Wow, we lose Wallet AND Sparrow in one day... I understand that 'you answer when the big boys come calling', but it still sucks for users of these independent software solutions. :(
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    why does the facebook app suck?? they have all that money and all those people and they cant make a simple ios app work well??WTF
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    This is exactly what I thought when I saw Acrylic break the news on Twitter. I've been using Pulp for probably less than a month, but I think that it's an outstanding application, and I was really hoping to see an iPhone version. I asked the developers if this was ever likely to happen, and they said that they were looking into it. Well, they obviously weren't, as this was just a matter of weeks before they announce that they're moving to California to be absorbed into the Facebook juggernaut.

    The full blog post on the Acrylic website did make me laugh, however, when it was noted that Facebook had not bought (a word that I feel is a bit more active and descriptive than the ubiquitous 'acquired') Pulp or Wallet, but they were nevertheless essentially being discontinued, yet readers were apparently supposed to find consolation in the fact that these applications would continue to be sold.

    Well isn't that heroic: they've sold out, but at least they're willing to carry on peddling what is essentially now abandonware for personal profit. Consider my worries assuaged, Acrylic.
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    I hate it when big companies get bigger...
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    Aww! I love Pulp and Wallet. I really hope they keep them as stand-alone products. I’d hate to see Pulp get integrated with Facebook.
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    Damn I love Wallet and was hoping they would do an OS X retina update. Guess I need to switch to 1password.
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    To go along with sofa.

    I wonder what they are cooking?

    They seem to be amassing quite a collection of good Mac developers.
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    "Facebook is an invaluable service that we all use daily"

    No. Interesting how people over estimate FB and other thing's impact. Many people don't use FB at all never mind daily.
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    Very sad. I love Pulp, I was hoping Acrylic would eventually make an iPhone version.
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    it is now the time to turn toward iPassword app. This is until they get bought as well hehe
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    haha, LOL and then some

    ....an invaluable service we use every day?

    Lived all my life without Facebook and will continue to do so
    until I am ashes!

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