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Facebook and Instagram Sound Notification doesn't work

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by ali.mofadal, Sep 21, 2013.

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    I had this problem since iOS 6, yesterday I upgraded to iOS 7 yet I still have the same problem, I deleted both apps and installed them again, I'm desperate to find a solution for the sake of knowing what's the problem !!!
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    Known issue. Works when it wants. Been that way for years. You would think Facebook would fix it....
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    Instagram isn't even always pushing notifications either. And sound I think I never even had. Along with fb.
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    There is a fix for the Facebook, Im surprised not everyone knows about it. I made a thread about it but don't know where it is. Either way here is the fix:

    -Go to the facebook app on phone
    -Go to Account Settings
    -Go to Notifications
    -Go to Mobile Push
    -Look at the top of the screen and it said "Sound for push notifications"
    -Edit it to ON for all notifications
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    Thanks I'm going to see how that works. By any chance do you knw about Instagram. Also sometimes I'll get the Instagram notification on my iPad not on iPhone. Weird.
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    Thanks dude, I haven't test it yet but I hope it works, shame there isn't a fix for instagram though it's not a big loss since I don't care that much about who liked my pictures :)
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    I have been getting the notifications for Instagram but no sound. Don't really care though :p
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    I can confirm that it does work :) again thanks dude.
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    No problem.
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    I just read on Instagram FAQ that they do not do sounds or badges. So I guess that answers that. Also my notifications are coming through now. Apparently if I'm on my iPad it goes to my iPad if not it all goes to my phone.

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