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Facebook App

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by notnek, Jul 10, 2008.

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    Can anyone else connect to the Facebook App?
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    Facebook App Not Logging In yet

    anyone else having problems with his?

    Also it's kinf of frustrating that a lot of the location based stuff is US, i've deleted a fair few apps now. Most annoyingly Yellow Pages.
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    Yeah this app doesnt work yet... I suspect it will be working within 24 hours though!
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    Not even Canadian numbers? Weird.
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    Yellowpages.com is an AMERICAN business directory owned by at&t
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    We also have the yellow pages in the UK.
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    The Uk for one, has yellow pages.......not everything is American only :rolleyes:
    For evidence I have a great big fat chunk-of-a Yellow pages directory at home
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    there are several posts on this already :rolleyes:
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    Yellowpages.CA is a CANADIAN business directory, sorry to upset you but the app is called YELLOWPAGES (not .com) and you'd think it's be a localized version as it is not restricted to download within the US like some apps. America is a great country but the people in it need to realize there are places outside your border you don't yet control.
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    Facebook for iPhone also brings one important new feature to the iPhone - Facebook Chat.
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    Facebook App Now Working!!!

    The facebook application is now working!
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    interesting you mentioned that, because Facebook just made a Blog entry on their website about it:

    Facebook Quote:
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    yes it is! interesting...it gives your inbox count on the icon like mail.
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    Yup, working for me :)
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    i'm guessing that Facebook "turned on the switch" today when they released a blog discussing the native application for the iPhone.

    and it's got Facebook Chat! :)
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    Hi I see you can now upload pics can you tag people as well?
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    This part from the blog I found interesting:

    Kind of like that Loopt app, but better - since I already have so many friends on Facebook (and a good many with iPhones!).
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    LOL :) I really like the YET part!
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    I agree with you, Rojo!! :)
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    Um... where do you access the Wall? I'm not seeing it. If they left that out its a pretty big oversight.
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    Yeah.. seriously.. no wall=no facebook if you ask me. I don't want to have to use the webapp for the wall, and the native app for everything else..?
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    Wow. I am blown away by how bad this app is. The facebook web app is one of the most impressive web apps for the iPhone. This native app is missing TONS of things that the web app has. You can't see your wall or anyone else's wall, you only see status messages on the home tab, you can't see photos, etc. And the only thing that the native app has that the web app doesn't is chat. I'm sorry, but you can't take away 80% of the functionality, add chat, and call it a day. What a huge disappointment.
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    I can't find it either. But hopefully they will update it soon to add more functionality. I think the description in the iTunes store even says things will be added in the coming weeks and months.

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