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Facebook iOS Update Adds Free VoIP Calling in US and Canada

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Feb 22, 2013.

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    Facebook today updated its main iOS app, adding free VoIP calling in the United States and Canada. Facebook previously beta tested the feature in its Messenger iOS app, which received an update to allow voice calling in January.

    As in the Messenger app, voice calling within Facebook for iOS can be accessed by tapping on a friend's name in the chat menu and then tapping on the info button, which reveals the option to make a free call.

    Both parties must install the newest version of Facebook to activate the feature. Facebook's latest update also adds newly redesigned Like, Share, and Comment buttons.
    Facebook is a universal app that can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Facebook iOS Update Adds Free VoIP Calling in US and Canada
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    Now you can Facetime while you Facebook. And have less face to face time.
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    Two features, you say...? ಠ_ಠ
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    Now if I could just figure out within the app how to:

    1) Add a friend/family memebr to the "Favorites" list... I mean how can it be my favorites if I can't put my favorites there?

    2) Change my cover photo from within the App.

    maybe both are already possible and I'm just to dumb to figure it out. But I'm much more likely to use either of those than VOIP from within Facebook.
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    The new update is a major fail. Newsfeed has disappeared or is broken, deleting and reinstalling doesn't help
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    And the list of updates I have to refuse seemingly gets longer and longer...
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    I experienced the complete opposite. My newsfeed loads much quicker and scrolling it is smoother. The whole app feels more smooth actually.
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    This is a very big deal. Why Facebook? Oh, no carrier contracts . . . .
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    Can we expect better voice chat quality comparing to Skype?
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    I've observed similar behavior on a couple of phones that installed the update today.
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    Which OS do you have? Curious... I'm on the latest (I think).

    edit: I just deleted and installed again for the third time and now the Newsfed is back. Weird.
  12. bollyboy, Feb 23, 2013
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2013

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    Newsfeed is much quicker for me, however Chat has duplicates of friends for some reason.
    It's also got my profile twice as being available for Chat ?

    I've deleted and reinstalled but still the same. Not a problem as i don't really use FB too often.
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    VoIP Facebook

    This works on my iPod touch why not my ipad 2 or 3?
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    Functionality may not be in the iPad part of the app yet. I've notices the iPad app needs to lag a little behind sometimes. Can't prove this though as I don't live in the Americas. Just a possible reason.
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    Still crashes often on my iPod touch.
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    I wonder what will replace Facebook. They have a lot of good features and it seems to be growing.
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    Good, maybe it'll actually be useful now. Gmail doesn't give VOIP in the iOS app, does it? And Google Voice doesn't have it at all for some reason. Pretty misleading title.
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    The Bogeyman

    I've noticed that the old version would occasionally get stuck when it was loading some landscape photos from the newsfeed. The new version seems to have stopped that. I only had that problem on my iPad and not on the iPhone. However, it seems much smoother than it was before. This is just my personal experience with it.
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    Wow what an amazing feature! Now I can make voice calls on my phone! ... oh wait...
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    Me too! I'm no longer waiting 20 seconds on my iPad 3 for it to respond to tapping on a picture.
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    Misleading title?

    As for Google (Voice), Talkatone app (or other similar ones like GV Phone) can be used for VoIP calling through Google.
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    Why do you have to refuse this update? You don't have to use features you don't want to use, and it seems as there are performance increases in this update.
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    Any idea if Facebook is thinking about challenging Skype on the desktop as well? iOS to iOS user is one thing, but to use it cross platform, including in Windows and OS X, would be a great challenger to Skype.
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    Where? I went to voice.google.com, and there was no option to call a number, only SMS. My friend, an avid Google fan, told me to go there. Then he said that it's actually not there and only on gmail.com.

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