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Facebook iPad app leaked/previewed

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Mazda 3s, Jul 25, 2011.

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    Mazda 3s



    Tons of pics:



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    It's taken them so long that I don't even care anymore.
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    Safari just needs file up/download functionality and this app isn't required, save for chat, which I don't use.
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    Why am I not surprised the app is done and yet they're still holding it back?
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    Mazda 3s

    As buggy as the iPhone app is, you'd think they'd go ahead and release the iPad app as-is :D
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    I just enabled it on my iPad 1 and it's working nicely. Already had one notification come in and take me right into the app with no problems. Everything's working good so far. I'll be able to test it out better as the day gets started and more of my fiends are on it.

    The new update seemed to fix the problems for me on my iPhone too. I think the Facebook has finally got it, or at least something we can consider usable.
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    just enabled it on my iPad 2, works great and a lot better than the other iPad facebook apps. a lot smoother too
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    What is the hold up on releasing this thing?

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