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Facebook Launches its Own Version of Snapchat, Called Poke

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Dec 21, 2012.

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    When Snapchat launched a video update last week, AllThingsD reported that Facebook was planning on releasing its own photo and video sharing app to compete with Snapchat. Facebook's new standalone app, Facebook Poke, was released today, expanding on Facebook's original "poke" concept.

    After connecting to Facebook Poke with a Facebook account, users can take a video or photo, write a message, or send a standard poke notification to friends who are also Facebook users. Each message lasts only a few seconds before expiring, after which time it is no longer visible.

    If a screenshot is taken, users are notified with a bright orange icon on the feed, which is the same functionality found in Snapchat. Users can browse through sent messages in Poke by tapping and holding on a message.


    Media sent via Facebook Poke is not visible in the standard Facebook app, but people will get a Facebook notification to download Facebook Poke to see Poke messages. Like the rest of Facebook's apps, Poke has a menu for reporting inappropriate content.

    Facebook Poke is a free download on Apple's App Store. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Facebook Launches its Own Version of Snapchat, Called Poke
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    The hell...?
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    Wow, sexting gone mainstream. :eek:
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    Facebook is bloated and dying. It's got 18 months left before its replaced by something clean and simple
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    I have my mouse on the "Unfriend" button already.
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    This is great! I have so many Facebook friends that I've always wanted to poke. ;)

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    Really sad we lost a great Mac developer (Acrylic) to make...this.
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    Just crazy isn't it...
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    The quote reads "If you didnt do it first, do it better." Seems like they've missed the mark.
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    I do not understand what the app is. Like texts but they disappear after 5 seconds? Why?
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    You mean Google Plus
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    I've just tried this app between my phone and my wife's phone. It's mad! Why does it exist?
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    Whats up with Facebook :mad:

    Cant you guys hide till next year;)
  14. ritsard, Dec 21, 2012
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    These apps are perfect for politicians or actually anyone in an affair. They can send their junk to their interns and know it won't end up anywhere else... Until Facebook screws up and they end up showing up in the Timeline.
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    i dont get the point ... ?
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    This will likely be quietly shelved in a few months. I'm sure it's just an experiment by Facebook to see if it takes off; and I doubt they really expect it to be a success. With a name like "Poke"? C'mon! For a second I thought I had pulled up the Onion!


    They left the last part out: "...but it will be stored on Facebook's servers indefinitely."
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    SnowLeopard OSX

    I'm interested to see how well this Facebook Poke application stacks up against SnapChat -- both interesting ideas, but I wonder how practical it'll actually be.
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    Btw, I tried it, but I have an issue where not all my Facebook friends are visible in this app. What gives?
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    Why won't Facebook die already?
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    Glassed Silver

    If I can't save the videos, pics and whatever else you can send via that app to my device, then don't even bother sending me anything. ;)

    I'm a log-addict. If it's unlogged, I won't use it.
    My only exception is Steam's chat, just for conversing which game to play together though, so yeah...

    Glassed Silver:mac
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    Literally, for sexting. Any racy photos you take and send are viewable for a short time and then gone. Snapchat has a feature that notifies you if the person takes a screenshot too I think. Seriously, I can't think of any other application.
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    People have been saying that for years.
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    I'd like Facebook to stick around, but I'm worried nonsense like this might end up killing it.

    I love Facebook for keeping in touch with my family (I live away and we all have hectic lives, emails are good but a "forum" atmosphere like Facebook is great), and old buddies from school. Never touched an app on Facebook - never will.
    I guess I have magic powers for being able to see the benefits in it!

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