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Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by M Powered, May 7, 2013.

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    Just about 3 weeks ago, I noticed my facebook running really slow. Like it would lag, constant beach balls. This isn't limited to just one browser, but pretty much all browsers (Firefox, Chrome Safari)

    From what I can remember, it started when Facebook decided to switch to their new design. But I'm not sure thats the reason as some of my friends never mentioned anything about the slow down, or anyone else for that matter so I'm thinking its something on my end?

    I'm guessing might be a virus? I've ran disk utilities > repair permission and everything else. Even resetted SMC and PRAM, no effect.

    The lag is only with Facebook, everything else runs fine.

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    I noticed the same sluggishness in the iOS app as well, so it probably isn't you.
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    Yes same here! How weird.

    I'm assuming something like this would be reported millions of times? Its so bad I'm only logging on through my ipad only.
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    No sluggishness or unstableness here on either my iMac or iPhone. Although I'm not a Facebook Whore (thankfully) I do log in daily and it runs perfectly fine. Check your settings, PRAM and such.
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    Try to quit your browser. Then go into System Preferences->Flash and delete all the Flash coolies with that pane. Also make sure you are using the latest Flash too.
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    Tried that, no effect :(

    Any more suggestions?

    Maybe its JaVA related? I'm using Java 21, the latest version.
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    Um...so changing Flash settings will have no effect since Facebook is made from PHP...just saying...likewise for Java.
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    Great so what does that mean? if you experience slow downs what would you think its the root cause? Google found me a few others who experience the slow down but no resolution so far.
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    I did offer you a suggestion but you're either ignoring it or you tried it but decided not to respond. :confused:
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    I resetted the pram and smc as I stated in my original post. No effect, still the same :(
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    Oh, sorry about that. I read your OP but completely missed that. If you haven't created a new user account just to test things out then I would try that and if that doesn't work then you should either reinstall OS X or completely reformat to clean everything out. There may be a corrupt file that is corrupting your browsing experience that you may not ever find on your own. Keep us informed. Hope things work out.
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    I tried the creating a separate account and login just now. DOesn't seem to change, FB still lags and a lot of beach balls.

    I don't mind a clean install since I have everything backed up, I just don't want this to happen again and I repeat the process all over again. Hoping I find the issue and address it.

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    Try this. First download a copy of the Adobe Flash Uninstaller, reboot, then go back to Adobe an get the latest Flash Player.

    Second deinstall Java using the direction in the blog post How to install and uninstall Java 7 for OS X, then reboot again. Upon that reboot go back and get the latest Java for Mac.

    Now if it still is slow try using a separate DNS then the DNS you get from your ISP. Use either OpenDNS or Gogle's Free DNS and see if that helps (you can always change it back if you want to
    ). See that helps.

    Lastly go to youTube and see if any videos have any problems. This way you see if it is your system or something else.

    One more thing. Some users with the newest Mac Book Pros have reported if the right click a flash video and deselect hardware acceleration to see if that makes a difference.

    Plus boot into the Recovery partition (command button+r at startup) and run Disk Utility on your boot up drive and Repair the drive+Permissions. See if that helps.

    Good Luck.
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    I think we should change the name of the thread to:


    JK, not really, I despise Facebook.

    Did you try logging into your FB account from another machine? You might have account problems.
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    I know exactly what you mean. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why every single time I visited YouTube that I would get an error message saying "video unavailable". I only had this trouble on YouTube. Also discovered I was getting very slow internet speeds. I reformatted my iMac and still the same problem. Very frustrating. I even reset my router, changed the password and still the same problem. I finally decided to plug the iMac directly to the cable modem and Voila, YouTube worked perfectly without a hitch.
    Sprint sent me a wireless extender for my iPhone since the 3G sucked my in house. It had to be connected to wireless router to work. Found out that I connected it incorrectly and it slowed down my wireless dramatically and affected any Flash-based videos I played. Everything is perfect now.
    Fingers cross you discover the issue soon.:)
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    One thing I've noticed that slows FB down is loading all of your friends' icons in the chat bar on the left side. I don't know if this is what you're experiencing because you said you created a new account. But just for giggles, turn chat completely off and see if that speeds things up a bit for you.

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    Yes, turning off chat does indeed speed things up, almost no lag now. Thanks for the suggestion!

    I'm still not sure if its something on my end or FB in general. I'm gonna try my friends computer sometime this weekend.
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    You're too much of a FB whore, that's the problem. Too many friends. :) Trim back on the number of connections, or trim back on who you can chat with.

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    LOL, that might answer why my FB works flawlessly, I never use that awful chat system. It's enough that your entire privacy is exposed on FB but signing on for the first time the chat is automatically enabled so your friends can bother you and they know exactly when you're on FB. Forget that. I turned that chat off the moment I found out about it.
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    Yea I got about 5k friends haha.

    It used to be limited to a few number of friends open on chat, but ever since that stupid update, they literally blew up my chat box.

    But ya, closing the chat window solved my sluggishness issue, things are back to normal now :)

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