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Facebook's App Center Begins Appearing in iOS App

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 7, 2012.

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    As noted by TechCrunch, some users of Facebook's app for iOS have noticed the social network's new "App Center" tab showing up in the navigation menu within the app. The feature is designed as a one-stop destination for app discovery on a variety of platforms, with recommendations based on Facebook's editors' selections and personalized by drawing from the usage of each person's friends.

    Within the app center, a "Social Picks" tab offers apps based on what the user's friends have used, while a "Top Apps" tab contains picks from Facebook's editors as determined by quality and popularity. The listings include iOS, Android, HTML5, and desktop apps, with users able to click directly through to the App Store or other marketplaces to download apps.


    The Next Web argues that the addition of App Center will be a major boost for Apple, helping quality apps to surface from among Facebook's hundreds of millions of users and those top apps to be easily accessible to other users.
    After several years of what has appeared to be a tenuous relationship between Apple and Facebook, it certainly appears that the two companies are now moving to work more closely together. At the D10 conference late last month, Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted at Facebook integration and perhaps other announcements in that vein, urging users to "stay tuned".
    Just a few days after Cook's comments, it was reported that Apple will indeed show off Facebook integration in iOS 6 at next week's Worldwide Developers Conference, making it much easier for users to post photos, status updates, and other content to the social network from within iOS.

    With Facebook also feeding back into the App Store through its own App Center on iOS, it certainly seems that the companies are moving quickly to solidify their relationship for their mutual benefit and to the benefit of the millions of users who rely on both Apple devices and Facebook's social network.

    Article Link: Facebook's App Center Begins Appearing in iOS App
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    Hoo rah :p
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    Oh the horror!!
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    They need to get the basic functions working (posting things, commenting, looking at photographs) before they add new features! C'mon Facebook...
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    Any they need a facebook phone...why?
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    Im still worrying about ios 6 facebook integration :mad:
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    So this App Center features "Facebook apps" or "iPhone apps"? There's a difference.
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    Facebook Total Integration.

    Perhaps... just perhaps, and I know this is going out on a limb here, but what if, I dunno, I don't want to be inundated with notifications about what every other person I've ever met or heard of is doing at any given moment, and don't feel the need to broadcast my every move to everyone in the world?

    This self-promotion culture of do-nothing busybodies is crossing over from obnoxious to revolting.
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    I prefer an autonomous Facebook.
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    My biggest gripe with apps for Facebook is that I have little clue as to what they are going to do with my account.

    For instance, marketplace app Oodle posts every little details of what I do on my timeline for everyone to see (e.g., items that I just viewed).

    And if I can collect $1 every time my Facebook friends post "I just achieved level 51 on Farmville or other embarrassing games", I'd be as rich as Mark Zuckerberg.
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    Am I the only one that absolutely hates apps within Facebook?

    I go as far typing in whatever I see in my feed into Google to bypass the crap like article links or that SocialCam thing.
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    I nuked all my Facebook Apps a long time ago. "Hide all by..." is my primary activity when logged into Facebook.
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    Yo, you need to charge your iphone.
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    I really, really don't want Facebook as part of iOS. Not even happy Apple is going this route when it is just as easy to make it downloadable content. Please allow me to opt out in every way possible, or better yet delete any Facebook related components from my phone.


    No use for Facebook whatsoever.
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    has the author actually used the facebook app recently.

    Facebook has lost its way imho. too diverse to the point its lost focus on doing the simple things well. Cant be bothered with anything of it other than keeping in contact with friends when I need to.
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    My fear now is that these Facebook apps can now access information from your phone. I have nothing to hide on my Facebook page, but my phone is a lot more personal. Maybe I did this, but I can't recall ever permitting Facebook to do this.
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    I don't think this is indicative of a closer relationship between Apple and Facebook. Anyone can link directly to apps in the app-store, and I bet they'll do this for Android at some point too if they haven't already.

    If anything this is a threat to Apple - it gets people used to thinking of Facebook as the place to go for apps, not Apple, and people's phones will be more about being tied to their Facebook account than their Apple ID. In time perhaps HTML apps will succeed native ones, and then people will be able to switch platform (perhaps to a Facebook phone) without worrying about the apps they've invested in on the old platform.

    Of course, while Facebook continue to make rubbish apps I don't think Apple have much to worry about, but that could change...
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    Facebook on the iPhone suuuuuuuuuucks. It's so buggy, it keeps telling me I have new messages when I don't, sometimes it doesn't post photos, it's unresponsive, it needs some patches rather than new features.

    I know, first world problems.
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    lets get some new hardware first, worry about social later
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    I do wish they would piss off with all this Facebook nonsense :(
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    I don't care how well it is integrated, I'm not giving into the world of Facebook.
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    I dunno about everyone else, but the Facebook app on my iPhone 4 is nearly unusable. It is deathly slow, the alerts don't go away when you click on them, and other various bugs. I rarely use it. I don't think we need to be adding additional stuff. If anything, take things away and make it more simple.

    Facebook is starting to balloon into a mess. Multiple apps for different things? Camera, messenger, main app. What's next? I don't want to go to 4 different places to use Facebook. I think they're starting to lose focus. Bring it all together in one app that's small, efficient, and streamlined.
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    This is why the app is nothing more than a buggy web app.

    It's so they can toss out these updates and bypass the apple approval process. By updating the web code and making the app nothing more than a web app portal, they are in control of the updates.
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    Surprise, posted on 9to5 an hour ago and now here!
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    They need to get their normal app working flawlessly before they add in all the junk that makes things worse. With all the bugs in the app now we'll be tapping to go one place and end up in those stupid apps just like we do now with it sending us to the nearby section.

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