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Failed Windows XP Upgrade Downs 60,000 UK Gov't PCs

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 28, 2004.

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    Sounds like the fault of retarted sys admins to me.
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    From the same goverment that brought you the Pension credit cock up and the Child support fiasco.

    And what does Tony want next.

    The ID card!!
    Another "fail safe" multi £billion IT project.
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    Errr, toss up between an iPod mini and a 20" iMac G5 for Chrimbo!?!?! ;)
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    an iPod G5 20" instead. ;) :)
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    Another failed project by EDS. And the UK government still award contracts to EDS. Failure after Failure.

    ****ing retards.

    ****ing microsoft.
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    Sounds like a good reason to switch to OS X. Then again I don't need a reason. I just don't like Windows. :D
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    Not liking Windows is still a reason, a very good one at that :)
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    Does the government get a special distribution of Windows that is somehow different and contributed to this disaster? or was it just incompetence on the sysadmins' parts?
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    I thought it was a long day...
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    I believe that it was a regular version of Windows. The problem is that something went wrong (I don't know whether due to a bug or human error), but I think the XP Service Pack 2 got rolled out to 60000 Windows 2000 computers instead of the 7 XP computers they wanted to roll it out to.

    I can only assume that installing an XP service pack on 2000 would wreak havoc :eek:

    Edit: OK, it had nothing to do with a service pack (I first read the article a few days ago, and must be mixing it up with something else)
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    hahaha four days on monday
    that doesn't make sense
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    There's one more for the good guys!
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    just give him some iPod socks, in red of course :D
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    I think it's the same as "I go on my month-long trip next Monday." Monday refers to the beginning of the event, but not the end.
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    As if the events depicted in the article weren't enough of a cock-up. Mistakes like this just make the article even more amusing to read, and enlightening on the dramatic ways Windows can fail.
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    surely you mean blue
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    mmm..things like this bring a smile to my face :D (ok, more like a silly grin)

    ah well, at least something brightened up my gloomy iMac-less day.. :rolleyes:
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    4 days

    Now if only my company could do the same....
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    Depends how badly you need your time sheet to add up :)

    You just need the a super to sign the bottom, not read it. numbers are numbers.

    Working for the civil service has to be seen to be believed.

    Also, they probably just shared the one PC that was working, they were probably lucky with one still working near the kettle. It probably took Three days before they worked up enough urgency to report the failure.

    Obviously the number of people actually doing any work was less than the threshold required for a system wide emergency. like big deal, a few workers report their screen has turned blue.
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    dang, someone royally messed up. Not up for 4 days ... that is unheard of. I don't know who to blame ... the admins, eds, or M$? I think you would have to try to bring down a group of macs.

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