Fairwell My Sweet

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by MacFreshNYC, Dec 28, 2009.

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    Dear MBA,

    How I fell in madly in love with you once my eyes got even a glimpse. And then to touch you. Ahh that was heaven. To play with your buttons was ecstacy.
    I was so smitten that I brought you with me everywhere I went. I found myself bragging about you to everyone.
    But alas, I must bid you adieu. When we first started our time together, I was thinking that you would be my one and only. But I see after only a few weeks that you are not meant for that. You shine best when you are a second or third option.

    My love, I am looking for a primary and one and only and want to settle down with only one.

    You should know that I met someone else, who goes by the name of MBP (13", 4GB, 256 SSD) who, while admittedly not as sexy as you and never will be, is more suited to being my one and only.

    So goodbye my love. I will never forget you.
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    You realize, over time, your MBP will know that while your staring at her, your lusting after your first love. She'll wonder why you don't bring her everywhere like you used to. Is it the weight she's seemed to gain over time she'll wonder.:D

    Good luck with your new girl.
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    Well done to both of you :D
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    Cover Both

    You're a guy, save your coins, buy both!
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    You may rejoin your sweet in some future iteration with larger ssd and more power cpu.

    the first cut is the deepest as they say...
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    Funny, but also kinda creepy.
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    Very creative thread. Only a Mac user would give so much thought and creativity to a lost relationship with his/her computer.

    Nice Post!

    Happy Holidays.
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    Good post. However, it's farewell not fairwell.
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    Great thread....

    Although I switched to the MBP, I miss my sexy girl. I just wish her drive was larger, then there would be no question as to whom I would be committed to! I still smitten!
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    So your going from a girl with a banging body to a thicker heffer :D
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    I'm kind of with you in this boat OP; except that I'm going to a 21.5" iMac that I got today. I will miss some things about the MBA, but I won't relish my new machine for it.

    And AAPLady, if he is going to a thicker heifer, then I am going to a mammoth beast!
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    LMAO... Nice! That's how I select my ladies and my Mac. Ha ha.
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    ha ha way to go mate...
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    Removed post.
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    Kick it to the curb.
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    I guess the 27" iMacs are what? Jabba the Hutt? :D
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    It's better to have Macbook Aired and lost, then to have never Macbook Aired at all...
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    Les Kern

    Why have one orgasm if you can have two? Keep the Air around like a mistress who occasionally doesn't mind her ports being probed.
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    hahaha, very nice!

    They are a bit heavy boned aren't they? I 'd classify the imacs as a pal, a good pal, and if they get that matte option or a "museum glass" to take care of the glare a bosom buddy.
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    The problem with the Air is once you've had a taste it's hard to stay away ...

    She's a great ride, good in bed but not so competent and capable in professional situations ...

    Still, I can't help but visit frequently ... everyone likes a great ride ! :)

    Happy New Year !!
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    no one wants overpriced anorexic slab of meat. they want the full monty. :D

    wait 'til you meet her sister, 15"!
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    This whole thread is weird.

    Just... weird.
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    Me, Too

    I could have written the original post. After TWO Airs, which I loved, I have moved on to my MPB 13". But for me, if the Air gets an additional USB port and longer battery life, and maybe a faster processor (although that's not essential), I'm going back. (A 120GB ssd is enough for me.) I'm sticking firmly to my "one computer" rule, so for now that has to be the MBP.
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    Just to keep the creepy weirdness going and possibly giving out way too much information...

    When it comes to women, I generally like 'em thick... you know because thicker means more curves usually.

    But when it comes to my laptops... I like 'em thin. And it just doesn't get better than the Air.

    But I can understand your reasoning... can't even remotely identify, but I understand it.

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