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Fake iPod Nanos Popular

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Apr 25, 2006.

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    Category: News and Press Releases
    Link: Fake iPod Nanos Popular
    Description:: It appears the fake iPods are flying off the shelves in Taiwan.

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    They are cheap, they look "ok"... why not.

    Not everyone wants to use iTunes and have an official iPod.. so what if it doesn't work with iTunes.

    If it makes them happy, then good!
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    Looks so cheap.
  4. Gee
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    On a completely unrelated note inspired by your sig, Stella Artois is nicknamed 'wifebeater' over here. Has a bit of a reputation for making one aggressive.
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    Analog Kid

    Half the price of a Nano? Wow. So much for the benefits of owning all the flash in the world, eh?
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    Interesting... but i still love my 4GB nano.
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    Like the Chinese would buy something that's not a knockoff.

    I remember watching a PBS special on Chinese goods. Pretty much any consumer good made in China appears on the streets in knockoff form within two weeks.

    If I lived over there I'd be hard pressed to find a reason to pay twice the price for a real nano.
  8. arn
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    Staff Member

    video support is interesting too

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    Nice alternative for those without the high budget but I'll stick to my lovely Apple hardware thank you very much :p
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    The UK is sad.

    I'm so glad Canada hasn't had to put up with Carling! :)
    ( who would take it?! )
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    yes, McDonalds food is very "popular" as well.
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    Anyone who thinks Apple's fit and finish and attention to detail are "easy" need only look at these knock-offs that don't have it :) They give me exactly the opposite impression of a real nano. A real nano held in my hands makes me want to spend money and own one. These just make me think "might do the job on some basic level, if I didn't use iTMS."

    Of course, there's always a place for cheap. Cheap is good! But it shouldn't be cheap AND ripping off Apple's IP AND trying to trick the customer.
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    see, from what i've seen, it's just people likely to be more agressive in the first place that drink it.

    i can't stand the stuff. it's like budweiser (not a complement, in any form :p ).
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    i think calling this the Nano Apple is asking for legal action, ignoring the more than passing resemblance...
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    The lower price is more likely due to not having to pay massive advertising, R&D, distribution and administrative costs--which Apple does.
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    Ahh, they look so hideous!!!!

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    ... and from having half the memory and no click wheel (what you see there are push-buttons made to look like a wheel).
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    A gross generalisation. You can say the same for just about any type of beer.
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    What a surprise

    Production is exported to factories in Copystan. Who'd have thunk that fakes would appear in almost no time?
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    God they are hideous! :eek: Those pictures should carry a warning, "Warning, The following may disturb!". and then... followed by 3 sets of: are you sure you want to continue? are your really sure? are you really really sure you want to see some design-vomit? Yuck people have no taste.
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    Gasu E.

    Not at all. It depends what you are looking for. To put a positive spin on it, Stella is noted for its "drinkability" (as is Budweiser), which basically means it is bland. If you are looking for a water-substitute, to get loaded as quickly as possible, or to increase your caloric intake, Bud and Stella are excellent choices. If you're looking for a tasty, interesting beer, there are far better alternatives.

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