Fake iPod? Should I get it anyway?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by BlackiBook, Jan 10, 2010.

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    Okay so I put on CL that I was looking for older generation iPods to add to my collection and I got a ton of replies and I bought a bunch of older iPods! Well that was about 2 weeks ago and I have been getting an offer here and there, but now this one lady emailed me and said that she bought this for her sons birthday but he already had a Touch so he didn't want it and she wants to sell it to me for $20! Well I ask for a picture and she sends me one and I am almost certain it is fake! First of all does anyone know for certain this is fake? Second, should I buy it anyway? I kinda like the idea of a fake iPod sitting around and you can't beat $20! Picture below!

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    What in the picture makes you think this is a fake?

    However, I wouldn't touch any offer that's too good to be true. This reeks of scam.
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    Why do you assume it is a fake?

    Because of the price? Maybe the seller is a seller of stolen gods, that would explain the price a lot better.

    The picture and content seem genuine to me, but I've never seen a fake iPod, so maybe the fakers are that good.
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    I say meet at a local Starbucks and then offer $10. $20???? Ripoff.
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    The price is what did it for me... I have seen a few fakes through CL but they wanted why too much for a fake! I would love to have a collection of fakes but people want as much as a real one for their fakes! It might be stolen, I didn't think of that either!
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    If it were real and legally purchased, why wouldn't she just return it for a refund? Even if I were selling a fake or stolen iPod, I'd charge a lot more for it. I really can think of no way to explain the price tag, unless it's broken or she's just an idiot.
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    Well personally I hope she is just an idiot... Well I said I would take it and I asked her when she wants to meet up and she never emailed me back! I guess we will see what happens!
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    She's probably back on her meds by now.
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    Dang... Hopefully she forgets them again!!
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    Why is the UPC cut out of the box?

    Also note it's an older 120 GB model.
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    Good eyes. Maybe it was free with a Mac, and she cut out the UPC to get the refund. Now that she has her refund, she doesn't care how much it sells for? :confused: Still doesn't quite make sense, but it's better than before anyhow.
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    If she got it with some kind of rebate, she'd have to cut out the UPC label. I had to do that with my iPod IIRC. I got the buy-a-Mac-get-a-rebate-on-an-iPod deal for students.

    They may have done that, and now can't return the iPod because the UPC label is gone?
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    Okay well here is the update... After a few emails back and forth, me asking when I could come get it and them saying they work every night, we finally agreed to meet up after work tonight! I was excited! Well I check my email right before I get off work and I have an email from the the "lady" said that his wife took him (She/He changed her/his gender on me!) on a surprise trip to Montana and that we just finish it through paypal... So it was a scam :( too bad though, that would have been one hell of a deal!

    P.S.- I buy and sell on CL every single day (My second job is part time at a pawn shop, and we are allowed to buy things from people when the pawn shop doesn't want it) and I know a scam on CL when I see one! Well this guy did a hell of a job hiding that it was a scam up until the last email! He almost got me!!

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