"Fake MacBook nano" in China

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Mar 17, 2009.

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    Haha pretty neat for an improvised Mac.

    They could have fitted a larger screen - I don't get why netbooks have such small displays yet huge bezels around them.
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    pretty sweet.
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    Does it come in black?



    I would imagine, from the land that manufactures the NetBooks, it would be pretty easy...
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    Not doing anything for me...
    Craigslist here they come!
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    Just noticed, looks like it has a Vista style keyboard, no CMD key. You think they'd make the effort to fix that if they've gone to the effort to even make this, let alone reverse the Apple logo to perfection!
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    Oh, the new Elppa netbook! Nice! :D

    Does it run Linux?
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    I can't believe that putting the apple on backwards would be enough to mean that it isn't a counterfeit product.
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    Wow. Does it actually run OS X?
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    Hackint0sh I guess ;) Depending on what the wireless card used is etc, it might actually be quite stable.
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    if it ran leopard i would probably buy it haha just for a 'conversation piece' :cool:
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    Bye Bye Baby

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    Link To Buy?

    Anyone have one (LINK) PM me if you do I could use a good netbook and I love the look!
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    Probably cause its cheaper with smaller screens..
    they have to have the bezel be big enough to cover the "fullsize" keyboard.

    an 8" screen with a tiny bezel would mean having an 8" keyboard.. tiny keys!! lol
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    A little hard to see on those small photos but I want one anyway!!
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    They're probably using the space for something else. Maybe antennae, cabling, or even just plastic standoffs to make it more durable. Remember, we're not talking about the pinnacle in engineering here.
    Chinese law is pretty crazy when non-Chinese corporations are involved. Nothing here will surprise me very much.
    If it has EFI firmware, OS X might even install without any hacking. Gizmodo reviewed an EFI firmware dongle that (for compatible motherboards) does just that.
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    Apple will rip them apart for using the [reversed] Apple logo. Granted, this is in China where copyright laws are a bit... sketchy?
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    I've seen fake iPod's sold in New York.

    In fact they're probably sold more officially in New York than in China as there they are generally sold in markets.
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    I'll wager that it will all depend on how successful these things get, like that other desktop thing a while ago. IF people actually start buying these things Apple will out their foot down.

    Fake iPods in NY are a different story. They're aren't really doing a ton of harm since they aren't being mass produced (I assume).

    Tough to say at this point though.
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