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Family Guy in 2005

Discussion in 'Community' started by MacFan26, Aug 5, 2004.

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    I don't know about you guys, but I'm excited that Fox is bringing back Family Guy in 2005. I had never seen it until my friend made me watch some of the DVD's. It's so hilarious, even though it's so unbelievably politically incorrect and all of the above. Anyone else happy that they're coming back?

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    They're bringing Family Guy Back?

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    SCORE!! love that show..almost as much as South Park!
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    I just heard about this from an Ad during Little Nicky tonight. They're going to show a marathon of all the episodes I've seen 100 times on DVD on the 18th (?). The new stuff won't be out until 2005, I'm betting it'll be another Superbowl premier.

    I wonder if they have the entire cast back...
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    Dr. Dastardly

    Are the Family Guy episodes on Cartoon Network old or new? I thought they were fairly recent but maybe not. :eek:
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    They all aired on fox a few years ago. You can get them all on DVD as well.
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    well thats a poor bet kingsnapped, after the superbowl seth mcFarlan's other series American Dad will premiere.

    Fox is not airing all the old episodes, they are airing 8, over two nights of two hours each. The episodes are fairly old 2000, and 2001 mostly I think. hehe they are trying to compete with the olympics
    Olympics Competition?

    Family Guy is officially set to return in June 2005. according to fox's plans for next year. Older articles had said January but they will definitely not be in january. These were published on zap2it.com, which is a great source for news about TV.

    An interesting side note, alex borstein (voice of lois) was on loveline last week, and she said it was rumored that they might premiere as early as march, but thats just a rumor. So expect them in June, until you read an official release.
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    It's too bad it'll be until June that it returns. Oh well, American Dad sounds like it will be interesting. I wish I'd been listening to Loveline when Alex Borstein was on, I used to listen to that show all the time, and haven't in a while. Guess I'll have to start listening again :)
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    *scratches head*

    I thought this was rather old news?

    Heck, they've already started recording the voiceovers.

    On another note, I find it funny that 95% of the people finally decided to start watching the shwo AFTER it was canceled. I was one of the 10 people that used to watch the show when the episodes first aired Back in 2000. (Same with Futurama)

    Finally, would they freaking can The Simpsons already? It's going on for too long.
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    I’d rather see them bringing back Futurama. I liked this show a lot more.
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    Yeah I heard about this--I can't wait! I just got done watching all the DVDs.
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    I am very excited about this too becuase I had no clue about fg until last summer when my friends showed it to me. I don't ever watch tv so i didn't know about it, but once they showed it to me i watched it every night. Getting the DVDs was the greatest thing ever.
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    you know that episode thats like american beauty where the baby (whatshisname) trys to become a cheer leader to take over the world by cheer leader hypnosis and he ties up a cheer leader in the toilets and at the end the dude with the giant chin walks in and says 'all right" imagine me saying it in that voice.
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    As a born and raised "Rhodylanduh", I always got a kick out of that show. Then Fox started playing with it's timeslot and it was only one once every 2 or 3 weeks. Annoying. Then they axed it. Same thing happened to Boomtown on NBC.
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    family guy and seinfeld, my two favorite shows, and seinfeld just announce a first 3 seasons DVD . i love both these shows, family guy is so jokes
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    as far as fav shows are concerned firefly gets my vote, it's a shame they stoped the series but there makeing a film that should be out next year :D
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    Yes. Its time to end it!!!
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    Brother Michael

    Baby: Stewie

    Big Chin man: Quagmire

    Quagmire: "Dear diary...jackpot! ALL RIGHT!"

    One of my favorite scenes...

    My favorite scene would have to be anything with Mayor Adam West.


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