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Family Guy

Discussion in 'iPod' started by DOORSam32, Oct 21, 2007.

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    when will there be more Family Guy episodes on iTunes
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    The current season already is. For other seasons it's unknown.
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    I'd be happy with a season pass option.
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    there r only like 2 episodes on iTunes
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    If you own the original DVD's you could always transfer into a suitable format.
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    I want them to post the Star Wars episode! I have no interest in any other episodes. They don't seem to be updating the store like they do with other tv show.
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    The season is still running... Those are the two that have run I guess.
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    star wars was good... those have already been shown now for several weeks
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    Umm, they're releasing a DVD soon if that helps

    There hasn't been a new ep since the latest ep on iTunes. Stewie Kills Lois will be up as soon as they can prolly
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    yeah because if a new epsodie comes out like today (100th epsodie yippie!)it will come out two days later

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