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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Bobdude161, Oct 18, 2006.

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    I'm looking to install an additional fan in my Sawtooth at the bottom of the case. I'll cut a nice square hole in the center hard drive bay for installation. I'm planning to get a CPU upgrade soon and I'm making preparations for it.

    Question is, does the Sawtooth allow for additional fans? I've seen fans that use the power supply's cables (which most of the cables in my Sawtooth are unused) and others that use a smaller power cable connection I guess that is specifically for fan installation.

    I was looking specifically at these fans. I want the blue LED, not the flashy stuff. :p Problem is that I don't think my Sawtooth allows for hooking up this fan. Is there some wire splitting that must be done in order for me to use this? I'm pretty good at doing so, I just need to know how.

    And no comments on how I should get a better computer. This is a hobby of mine, so F*** off!
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    Lord Blackadder

    I bought an Asus brand PCI slot fan for my Digital Audio G4 - I have an OC'd CPU, a GeForce 6800GT and 3 hard drives...the PCI slot fan lowered GPU and HDD temps by about 5C. It was only about $10 at Microcenter.

    Lots of people have done some crazy cooling solutions with their G4s, but so far mine has run pretty well without cutting holes in it or anything drastic like that.
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    that would've been a cool solution, but all my PCI slots are taken. :-/

    SO! I decided to install some nice lookin fans. This is a first for me, but the process was pretty simple. Cut some holes, make some screw holes, screw in the fans and hook em up.

    The fans are a little noisy but aren't a bother really.



    I have one fan blowing in and another out. Just how I set it up for now. Anyone know if I should have them all blowing in or all blowing out?


    And they give the bottom of the case a nice blue glow. Very neat indeed.

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    I would think you would want them both blowing out. Or else you're blowing the hot air out, it's trapped under the case area, and then it's sucked right back in by the other fan.
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    Firstly, may I congratulate you on a very neat job - though I'm not that sure of the blue LED, but I get the impression I'm in the minority there.:p

    Hot air rises, so I'd get them both blowing cool air in, but I can't remember if there are any fans/vents near the top of the case sucking the hot air out. Also this does open you up to the risk of sucking a great deal of dust in from the floor/carpet, so ideally I'd keep it off the ground and well-hoovered.

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    UH-OH!!! Looks like my power supply can't take it! :eek: I'm getting kernel panics left and right. :( Dammit. :mad: I'm basically screwed. The fans are unplugged now. How the hell can I fix this?! :confused:
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    OK I just fixed the problem. I had my CRT monitor hooked up to my Mac's power supply and just routed the monitor power cord directly into the surge protector. My CPU wasn't getting enough power, but now it is. Sweetness.

    Yeah that is a good idea. I almost chopped off the tip of my finger a while ago, so that's what I'm gonna purchase right now on eBay. Too bad 60 mm fan grills are small in number. And the one's that have nice custom shapes cost like 4 bucks. Forget that.

    I think my next little project is adding a fan speed regulator. Fun times. :D
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    uggggh those fan guards are sooooooo ugly.
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    Alright, I finally got a fan controller. Decided to install one due to the loud fans.

    Has a setting of fast, slow or off. I keep one fan on fast and the other on slow. Greatly decreases the noise.

    Installation was easy. Took about 45 minutes. Fits perfectly in the empty ZIP drive.

    I'll probably make a nice guide on how to install fans and a fan controller for a G4 tower later when I get a nicer camera. Not that anyone else would wanna do this but would be a good reference. ;)

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