Far-Flung Bathtub Toys Due in New England

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by eyelikeart, Jul 11, 2003.

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    forgot to post the image...

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    Holy cow that's crazy stuff!!

    I can only imagine some classy sea food restaurants getting these with their shipments of fish..

    11 years of floating. Who knows what has happened to those poor duckies along the way.

    I wonder how much they'd go for on eBay .......... :eek:
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    This is an amazing story....11 years at sea...That's nuts!
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    That image is not of the ducks that actually travelled around... it's from the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

    Here is part of the caption:

    "Shown, 30,000 rubber ducks are released for a Make-A-Wish Foundation charity event in Panama."

    That article was awesome though. My boyfriend wants one of the ducks. I'm sure they'll be around on ebay and stuff, although they are supposedly bleached white now.

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    hehe...oops... :D

    I was at work...going between tasks...didn't take the time to read...

    u know how it is... ;)
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    Man those would be some seriously resiliant and well-made rubber duckies if they still looked THAT good after 11 years!


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    I've had about 5 ideas about what to do at sea.

    Throw out a bottle?
    How 'bout a couple hundered bottles ;)

    It's amazing how brut some shipping companies are, if you don't need the cargo, just dump it.

    Ships have been wrecked by smashing into floating containers.

    I'll travel the seas looking for a BMW...
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    "Make way for the ducklings!" :p
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    this story puts a smile on my face.
    its funny.

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