Faster way to get a DVD onto my MBA than Remotedisc?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by GhostMac24, Sep 5, 2012.

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    So I am trying to get my MS Office 2011 disc installed on my MBA and it is reading over 4 hours and just keeps going up in time! Possible to copy the DVD to a SD card and run from that?

    By the way, the machines I am using are the newest iMac 27 and MPA 13.

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    Get an external DVD drive. Whatever is cheap from the store, you don't even need the Apple drive.
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    I figured that was the remedy. I can't believe how crappy this remote drive is. Over 4 hours for a single install and then it crashed 2x!
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    It's only as good as your network speed.
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    I ended up buying the Apple Superdrive DVD burner off ebay new for $57. I wanted to get a less expensive one, but all the others I could find were a 2 cable solution.
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    Here's a different alternative.

    There is a USB server from Silex. This connects though a network and connects anything that is attached to the USB server to a virtual USB connection on your Mac.

    I have a DVD drive, a Scanner, a USB drive, a camera and an iPhone all connected through the server (though an add-on USB hub) to my MBA (and to any other PC).

    See :

    The other benefit is that all this USB stuff can sit on another desk/surface !
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    I use an HP slot-load that I had from back when I had a netbook that I use. It has a two cable option if required, but I don't have to use it. Its unique in that the second cable is completely separate, so it doesn't just hang there if not being used. :)

    I really need a USB hub for the first time in my life. :( I have my Air ghetto-rigged right now. Air - Apple 20" LCD - Dell 20" LCD (only for its USB ports, lol). My equipment is spread across both mine and my wife's desk. :p
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    Perfect, thanks all. Great input!

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