Faulty screen. Sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. Can't type certain letters.

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by JoelHodder, Feb 1, 2010.

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    I have a 32gb 2nd Gen iPod Touch. I've had it since release day. About 6 months ago, the touch screen started to play up. A small section of the screen doesn't respond to touch (both when tapping and swiping). This means that I can't smoothly scroll pages using the right-hand side of the display. It also means I can't type 'I', 'K' and 'N" when in portrait keyboard. However, this problem usually only occurs after using the iPod for a few minutes (I can unlock the iPod and use it fine and then after a while it begins to play up again).

    Eventually I decided to restore the iPod. It worked perfectly (all letters and swiping, like new) for a few hours and then the same problem began to happen again.

    I have rung Apple and because it's out of warranty they wanted ~£140 to mend it! I was about to order a new digitizer the other day but then I thought: if the digitizer is faulty, surely the problem would be permanent (not temperamental like it is)?

    It has a few minor scratches on the screen (very minor) and it hasn't ever been dropped into water or any liquid. It has been dropped onto the floor but I can't see how that would affect it?

    So I was wondering if anyone else had experienced a problem like this or has any idea of how to fix it? Would a new digitizer solve the problem?
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    My brother had this problem on his iPhone it wouldnt work when you tapped but would work when you swiped. It was limited to the bottom left corner of his screen. It was hilarious watching him type a text message. Rotate left, tap, rotate right, tap. :D

    He went into the Apple Store, and the girl said "It shouldn't be doing that" and simply gave him a new phone no questions asked. :) There was also a big crack in the plastic on the back to which she also said 'it shouldnt do that' so Im wondering if because the back cracked (and it shouldnt being polycarbonate) that she felt it was faulty and also caused the screen issue. Either way she didnt seem too bothered about giving him a new phone.

    BTW Software restore doesnt fix the problem.
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    Was his iPhone still in warranty? They'd mend mine but it isn't in warranty anymore :(

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