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Favorite Ipad Game?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by smayragrace, May 18, 2012.

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    Hello friends,

    Tell me What is Your favorite Game ever on Ipad??

    I have played so many games on Ipad Like

    Angry bird
    Need For speed
    Tekken 3
    Dragon Ball
    Temple Run..............etc..So Share with me your Favorite games Guys???
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    I'm really liking Kingdom Rush HD right now. For $.99 you can't go wrong.
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    Sonic 4 Episode 2
    Order and Chaos
    Lost Winds 1/2
    Chaos Rings 2
    Hero Academy
    Shadow Era

    Edit: you said game and not games so if I had to pick it would be Sonic.
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    The bard's tale
    Avernum HD
    Kingdom rush HD
    Junk jack

    These are my favorite not-so-well-known games, I also like infinity blade, real racing, etc...

    Favorite would definitely be Avernum, I'm 50+ hours in and I haven't willingly stuck with a game this long for a while.
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    It's an ever changing list for me. Current favorites would be:

    Gene effect
    Waking mars
    PuzzleQuest 2
    Galaxy on fire 2
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    My Favorite Games on the iPad right now would be

    N.O.V.A. 3
    Sonic 4 epII
    Infinity Blade 2
    Infinity Field
    Angry Birds in Space
    Bejeweled HD
    Temple Run
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    Hands down Infinity Blade I & II.
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    Rage HD Mutant BashTV by Bethesda and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012.
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    Another vote for Kingdom Rush (get it while its on sale!). Also Dragonvale is quite addicting.
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    My favorite game is to see how many iPads I can go thru:p
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    Swordingo (the best game I've played on iOS, period.)
    Smash cops
    Jet pack joyride
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    Asphalt 6
    Contra Jour
    Mass Effect Infiltrator
    Lost Winds 2
    Boost 2
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    Sonic 4: Episode II
    Infinity Blade II
    Achtung (die kurve)

    Currently, I'm only playing Sonic 4. Trying to get first places on the leaderboards. :)
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    When you guys make a list, sounds better to make it like this

    Free fav ones

    Paid fav ones
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    +1. It's been a while since I've been so entertained for so little.
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    i'm so addicted to kingdom rush HD right now. such a well built game and for the price you can not beat the deal. hours of fun, easily. and quite difficult
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    Klondike Forever is my favorite game.

    Tremendously exciting, right??:p
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    Fieldrunners... just with they would update it for retina
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    The Incident
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    I'm currently playing The Tribez.
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    Revision to my earlier post. Downloaded N.O.V.A.3 yesterday and haven't put my iPad down yet.
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    Infinity Blade II
    Tiny Defense
    Lego Harry Potter 1
    Asphalt 6
    Modern Combat 3


    Tricky because so many games were free when I got them, but a now paid.
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    Fruit Ninja HD (super fun, still)
    Temple Run (excellent freebie platformer)
    The Tribez HD (great looking farmville type simulation game with tons of content to keep one occupied)
    Blueprint3D HD (amazing 3d puzzle game)
    Boost 2 (super fun, reflex testing, action/arcade game)
    Galcon Fusion (very relaxing strategy game)
    RealRacing 2 (best racer for iOS, hands down)
    Shadowgun (excellent FPS with most responsive controls)
    SkyGamblers: Air Supremacy (stunning graphics aerial combat game)
    Jetpack Joyride (another excellent freebie platformer)
    Lep's World HD (great Mario clone)
    That Ain't It (trivia game)
    LogosQuiz (super fun, brain stimulating quiz/puzzle game)

    *(free apps are in bold)*
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    Kingdom Rush HD
    iBomber Pacific
    Shadow Gun

    I have way more on here I still have to play so that list isn't even close to all of them but I'm enjoying it. :D
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    Pocket Frogs (free, collecting game)
    Plants vs Zombies (paid, tower defense)
    Drop7 (free, dropping puzzle)
    Fairway Solitaire HD (extensive free preview, full game paid upgrade, tripeaks solitaire variant)

    Unfortunately, I don't like platformers much on the iPad. I'm often using it one-handed, which limits things.

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