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FCS and snow leopard??

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by grooveattack, Sep 25, 2009.

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    hey guys,
    i just wanted to know how optimised the new FCS is for snow leopard?
    such as openCL and grand central etc.

    thinking about getting an upgrade tomorrow and just wondered about new performance.
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    It isn't. It doesn't use OpenCL, it's not even 64-bit. According to MR members it's compatible, but not optimized. Huge disappointment to us.
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    well thats a massive let down
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    If you think you're disappointed, think about how bummed out all of us who were genuinely looking forward to the next FCS upgrade are.

    Now consider that the upgrade is a two year cycle (normally), so we may not see what we're looking for till 2011.
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    Yeah, a lot of us were shocked. Basically, all Apple did was add more features to the same code base. It's the same thing they've been doing since version 1.0. Some nice additions were added, like more ProRes codecs, support for 4K in Color, etc. but really, it's half an update, if that. And I think the upgrade price reflects this too because it's only $299.
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    Slightly off topic - does fcs 2 allow u to work while rendering / mpeg2 ing
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    Hmmmm..I'm not sure if I totally understand your question. But, it is possible to work in FCP while rendering an MPEG-2 job in say, Compressor as long as you actually dropped a self-contained QT movie into Compressor and didn't use the "Export Using Compressor" command in FCP.

    When you use "Export Using Compressor," it locks you out of doing anything in FCP.

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