February 6: 1981: Apple III Can't Tell Time

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    Link: February 6: 1981: Apple III Can't Tell Time
    Description:: In any event, the public heard the first rumblings that the Apple III never should have left the factory floor during this week in 1981.

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    just site FYI - I'm thinking we need a "history" tag for macbytes, but will continue marking things like this as "opinion" until that happens.

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    i agree, if that matters.
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    In this case, hysteria is more like it than history.

    That was a strange machine. Its only real business enhancement was the keyboard with numeric keypad. Calling the machine a toad would have been an insult to toads everywhere.
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    Once Apple fixed the hardware problems in the second release (and there were some really terrible problems), it was actually a pretty decent system for its day. But there's no escaping a bad reputation.

    The Apple /// FAQ discusses this in greater detail.

    In the end, however, the best thing to come out of the /// was the SOS operating system, which introduced many concepts later used by ProDOS, GS-OS and Mac OS.
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    It was terrible compared to CP/M systems for business and then in August, the IBM PC arrived. I would agree that it was a great testbed, though.

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