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Discussion in 'UI Customization' started by iParis, Jan 30, 2009.

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    Post your deskops for the month of February, yes I know it's 25 hours away but I couldn't help it.

    Anyways... here's my dekstop. I call it.... OS X Vista! :p
    EDIT: The cursor is also black and has the rainbow wheel like on a Mac and I'm using an Apple Keyboard and Mighty Mouse.

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    I have actually have two desktops. One is Leopard and the other is Windows 7.

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    Gimme a minute and I'll try to do a screen shot of my Windows 7 partition, I've been having a lot of trouble with that since I'm using an Apple keyboard.

    Dammit! I can't find a way to install a driver or software that will allow the print screen function to work in Windows 7!
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    I am using VMware fusion- thats why I was able to take a screenshot. I'm not sure if you can take one with Bootcamp because OS X is not running at the same time. There might be a screen capture software you can download for Windows though.
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    Well I'm on a PC so I can't run them side by side.
    And yes, there is software I can download to make it work; I used it on my Vista partition but for some reason it won't work on 7.
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    Yeah, I haven't been able to download much for 7 at all except for MS Office 2007. Hopefully developers will start making their apps compatible with the beta in the next few months.
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    Mine, slightly updated from the January thread..
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    We need more desktops!

    I've got Open Office, FireFox, iTunes, and MSN Messenger.
    I think a lot of the programs don't need updated by the developers because Vista and 7 use the same terminal, which is why I don't understand why I can't get that driver / keyboard software to work.
    And I really don't feel like taking out the crappy stock keyboard my computer came with.
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    Loving the Datsun :D
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    Just installed GeekTool!

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    WHy not have different wallpaper for each Space?

    found this neat App but it would be better in preferences really - works though, each of my 4 spaces (desktops) has a different wallpaper.
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    From the Air.
    Picture 1.jpg
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    Attached is my Leopard desktop. I forgot to add that on my first post.

    What is the application that lets you have the CPU usage, memory usage, temperature, and fan speed on the menu bar of your Mac? That looks pretty cool!

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    Here's the one I'm using as of last night. This was a project for class and I'd rather not share it. Hope you understand.

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    Good work with GeekTool! That looks cool
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    Mine for February. I changed after I found this one.
    New Link
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    goal is cows

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    Happy February

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