February iBook Rumors?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by pcuserx, Jan 12, 2003.

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    Anyone have any clues or ideas as to what might happen to the iBook line in february?
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    Re: February iBook Rumors?

    Apple is going to completely drop the iBook line as of Feb 1. They will replace the iBooks with eBooks starting at $399 which will use Intel P4 mobiles to do it. Marklar will run on these new eBooks.
    No, not really. I can't back that .

    But you should expect Bluetooth, Airport Extreme, faster CPU's and maybe FW800.
    Hard to predict timing though.
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    I think we will see a redesign in the iBook...and minimal spec bumps.
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    I'm not too sure about the iBooks getting FireWire 800 ports, only the 17" Powerbook has one of those so far. The 12" and 15" PBooks will probably get them, then the Powermacs, then the iBooks...
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    I'm not so sure about the iBooks getting a redesign. The current one is both very nice and popular. As far as speed bumps, they just received one, so I'd doubt that one as well.

    I'm guessing FireWire 800 and Bluetooth. Maybe the backlit keyboard as well.
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    Re: February iBook Rumors?

    hi ya. are you from GT pcuserx? :D
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    Apple wouldn't give the iBook FW 800 or a backlit keyboard when the 12" pBook doesn't have it.

    The iBook will be 2 years old in May. The pBook was two years old this month. The iBook, while popular, will be redesigned and won't loose popularity...look at the excitement Apple generated by redesigning the most beautiful notebook ever.

    Generally when Apple redesigns a product they give it no or minor speedbumps...perfect timing for the iBook redesign will be April or May.
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    I'm expecting different color options. Apparently Apple hasn't dropped this idea but simply has pulled out until the fervor in the market copying Apples color schemes dies down. Looks like that has happened and they have a lot of good ideas for the iMac and iBook with many different case color ideas.
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    I wouldn't mind colors.
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    I doubt the iBook will be redesigned any time soon. The new PBs are essentially the iBook design, but done in aluminum instead of polycarbonate. The TiBooks still have a conventional hinge on the display; I expect them to either be redesigned or dropped. They definitely look out of place in the current line-up.

    Expect to see FW800 in the Pro offerings, maybe the high end iMac, not the iBook or eMac.

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    I'd expect an increase in speed, though not a G4 since they just released that 12" powerbook. Case design could change a bit but I'm sure they will stick to the white look, maybe add the backlight keyboard. Hard to say really, we just have to wait....
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    I have no insider info, but be realistic. The iBook will see faster G3 chips, maybe some better graphics and battery power, and maybe a minor update to the case to make it more durable. Other than that, the only thing to change is a drop in price, which is already fairly low.

    Frankly I think built in Bluetooth and Airport should be standard across the line, consumer and pro, portable and desktop, but they may hold out on the iBooks. Firewire 800 on an iBook? Don't make me laugh? :) What the heck peripherals do 99.999% of current or future iBook owners have that either have Firewire 800 or would greatly benefit from it? DV editing on an iBook is .... not my idea of a good time!

    I say keep the G3 iBook around, and make them as cheap as possible. Anyone who wants a REAL laptop will get one of the new Powerbooks. The iBooks are for kids, students, very non-demanding consumers, and maybe as a basic secondary or tertiary machine. And they fill this niche VERY well.

    That said, itd be interesting to see them add that color-changing case stuff to an iBook. Might be too expensive for it, but imagine a glowing pink iBook for little Susie, or a nice blacklight one for Faruzia, or a rainbow one for Graham Norton?
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    iBooks need an accessibility redesign. Ever try to install a new hard drive inside one of them? Takes an hour to get your fingernails between the plastic pieces and pry them apart. I've done it, and hope never to have to again.
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    Not so different from most other laptops in the world of it's size/form factor.
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    The white iBook looks very nice, but I think that it may still be redesigned a little bit. They may keep the white look, add Bluetooth, and it would be nice if the backlit keyboard were put in, but I am not sure if that would happen or not.
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    I also think that there will be just minor changes.

    A speed bump to 900 Mhz seems possible (along with a Powerbook update) - I would love to see 1000 Mhz but Apple will continue to cut down the power of the Sahara chip cause of the G4 Powerbooks. The Radeon 7500 will stay - not the worst thing in my opinion. Radeon 9000 is too fast (in comparison with PBs) and I don't really want a nVidia.

    So I hope they will include Bluetooth and Airport Extreme.

    What I can't believe is a lighted keyboard and I don't think they will upgrade to DDR. I definitely hope they will NOT do any cosmetic changes. The iBook looks superb as-it-is and I really don't want to see a color one. Bleech.

    At last, I would like to know why you've choosen February - does anybody think Apple will update the iBook line this soon? I definitly will buy an iBook but I don't know if I should buy it now or if I should wait. I can live without one for some more weeks but... :rolleyes: Any advices please?

    -- cionheart
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    Ok, this is pure speculation, but my impression is that the iBook will either be discontinued, or changed in form.

    I'm wondering about all the tablet rumors going around. Could the iBook become the tablet?

    Here's my reasoning for thinking this way. Apple just came out with a 12" PowerBook, in a sense an improved iBook. If Apple drops the current iBook form for a tablet form, they can still call it the iBook, and still be able to update the internal hardware to be comparible to what's in the current 12" PowerBook. Of course, students useing the new iBook would be able to take notes right on the tablet. No more paper notebooks...

    Anyway, that's what I thought when I first saw the 12" PowerBook. I'd like to think that I'm right, but who knows...
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    Hi rjrufo. I disagree with your post. Tablets are for such a small user group and the iBooks are one of Apples best selling products. Apple wants to make money like any other company. Why in the world should they drop the iBook? Tablets are not cheap anyway and no replacement for low end notebooks. Tablets got their place in the world but not really in student backpacks for the next 5 years. I also don't see that the 12" PB is a really replacement for the iBook, it just fills a gap between the high end iBook and now middle PB. The iBook will stay for a while, perhaps with minor cosmetic changes. But anyway, that are just my 0.02$ :)
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    What would be the point of making the iBook a tablet? The iBook is a very popular laptop for Apple at a much needed price point. Why is everyone so stuck on a tablet? Maybe add a screen that you can write and keep the keyboard (not as accessory)...like the Fujitsu B Series. Tablets don't serve the same purpose as a laptop. If Apple makes one, it'll be a different product. The iBook is staying and should be redesigned relatively soon.
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    "the year of the laptop," so I would guess that the iBook gets completely redesigned.

    Special addition colors (limited time), better keyboard with the backlighting, thinner, lighter, slot loading, bluetooth, and G3 upgrade to 900Mhz...cheaper

    What the hell...

    old iBook..insanely cheap

    After the Keynote, I just don't know anymore. I thought I knew Apple somewhat well, now I just have go against what I normally think.
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    WHITE!!!!! WHY WHITE!!!!!!!

    I'm just waiting until the iBook comes in more colors than just WHITE (not talking about the fruity clamshell iBooks-those are too old). Opaque white, crystal/snow white who cares? Black is so much better! As soon as the 1 year warranty's over (decided not to get AppleCare because i'd just be dumping this in a year or two for a PB with the PPC 970 chip-hopefully) I'm painting this thing BLACK!!!!! I HATE WHITE!!! EVERY COMPUTER IN MY HOUSE IS WHITE (and/or gray)!
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    I'm thinking that there will be no speed bumps for a while. I do think that will add a very small sub-iBook to the lineup. An ultra-slim ultra-light 11" laptop.
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    What I wanna know is if the speed of the G3 is increased on the ibook will it surpass the new 12" powerbook. I have heard mixed reactions about the Xbenches performed on store models and the xbench can be unreliable but it still disturbs me as a new 12" buyer. IF anyone wants to settle my worries please feel free.
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    Even if it does surpass the speed of the G4 in the 12" PowerBook. 2 things a) it will not have the 133MHz bus nor the DDR Ram b)G4 will run OSX faster even at lower MHz speed due to Altivec optimizations within the system.

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