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Federal Agents Close ITT Technical Institute

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by TEG, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. TEG
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    Mr. Anderson

    They're looking at student files....I'm guessing its a hacker investigation. Weird, though. I wonder who'll they'll turn up?

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    Where I worked in Indianapolis was about 5 miles from the ITT headquarters, so we saw quite a few resumes from ITT students and graduates. We would interview a dozen or so a month. To say that I was utterly unimpressed with the breadth of their education would be an understatement, but that was equally true (or nearly so) with pretty much all the colleges' and tech schools' recent graduates. I strongly suspect this is all about federal aid money, and wanting to see if the numbers ITT is reporting to the feds are accurate. They claimed a pretty high placement percentage in a field where empoyment was awfully tight... which is always suspicious. I doubt anything major will come of it.
  4. TEG
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    We were actually joking at work with lines like the following;

    "Did the federales figure out that ITT is just one step above Junior College?"

    "ITT the very poor Man's DeVry"

    "ITT,University of Phoenix, with out any classes."

    Sorry, Just thought I'd throw those out there. These are quotes from co-workers, not my own thoughts or comments.


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