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Fedex Fail on my Apple TV

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by detoxguy, Oct 12, 2010.

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    The Apple TV has just become my worst online shopping experience ever.

    I ordered mine on the 21st of September with an original ship date of Oct. 13 so I was very impressed when mine shipped on the 4th. However that is the last time during this process I have been impressed. I paid for the "expedited" shipping option and my package made it to Memphis on the 5th of October.

    IT IS STILL THERE. Today is the 12th of October. Apple has already agreed to refund the shipping (obviously), FedEx keeps telling me they will look into it and call me back (3 days and no call). Apple says I can request a refund or ship a replacement...both of which result in me not getting the product I paid for anytime soon as I live 6 hours away from the nearest apple store and none of the big box or the apple resellers have any in stock.

    So frustrated.

    Does anybody have any experience with this situation? All I want is the product I have already paid for? Should I request a replacement and go through this waiting ******** again or just forget it, get a refund and pray that a local shop gets stock?

    Never buying from the Apple site again (edit: ok maybe a bit harsh out of my frustration). They even sent me the survey asking how my recent experience with purchasing from them was....great
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    You could be waiting for a lost package you'll never see. Have Apple ship you another one or buy it locally.
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    Why? It's Fed Ex's fault, not the Apple Online Store. Thousands of shipments from Apple each day...sorry you got a bum rap. I am sure Apple will expedite your order if you ask for a replacement.
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    Sounds like Apple's been great to you. They didn't HAVE to refund the shipping and are doing everything they can to fix it for you but you are being ungrateful and coming on here to whine about it to the world. I've had packages come later than expected from other vendors and they didn't refund the extra money I paid for expedited service because shipping times are not guaranteed. It's so annoying when people blame the wrong people for their problems and slur a decent company. It's a wonder companies do anything to help people when so many are so ungrateful when they try to fix things not under their control. You must be very young to be sooooo surprised that things don't always go right in the mail, especially when shipping things all the way from CHINA.
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    yes, something like this happened to me before.

    the purchase got "lost" between the point when the label was printed (and in theory shipped) to when Fed-ex actually received it. Of course, I had to point this out to Apple. So its slightly different situation than you since you saw that your product was shipped somewhere, but the same general rule applies.

    Apple is responsible for the product. Don't call or bother with Fed-Ex. Just ask Apple for a replacement to be shipped via expedited shipping. (I actually think they do free expedited shipping by default for problems like yours). Apple normally waits to make sure the product is actually lost and not stuck on a truck so it takes a week or so, but again ask for the overnight shipping and they will give it to you since you went through so much. They usually take money off the order as well but Apple TV is only $99, not sure how much they can take off.

    So if you are deciding if they should ship another one to you vs. getting refunded, ask for new expedited shipment (and get your original expedited shipping refunded). Apple's service is top-notch, you just have to actually use it.
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    Wow, you really need to relax. I'm frustrated yes, but I did not "slur a decent company". I posted on a Mac forum in a section specific to Apple TV, I hardly think this is "the world", maybe you need to get out a little more. My frustration is equal with both FedEx and Apple at this point as each company is blaming the other for the delay. I have bought many things from many vendors and this is by far the worst shipping experience I've had and I came on here to ask what I should do. I didn't even post this until 5 days past the estimated delivery date and calls to both companies. Sorry I upset you. I'll skip on making assumptions about your chronological age but the fact that you made your assumption and then felt the need to whine about my post "to the world" really shows your maturity level.

    I just wish I lived near an Apple Store and I wouldn't have to deal with ordering online....
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    'nuff said
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    Odd thing is I ordered an Apple TV on Friday last week, and got it Saturday for $3.99 shipping from Amazon.com. Loving the device...

    But sorry folks, the OP has a right to complain. The reason customer service has grown sloppy more and more these days is because they know most times the customer will roll over and play dead like a dead dog. Paid extra for expedited shipping... nawww, we don't care, it's only a few extra days.

    People completely missing the point here since the OP could have not paid for expedited shipping, and it may actually have arrived sooner than it is now. Sounds like FedEx to blame, and I wouldn't let them off the hook. Unless there is a major storm, explosion in the city, earthquake, etc, they are expected to keep their stated delivery times.
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    We're not missing anything. He has a right to complain about FedEx, not Apple. THAT'S my point. Once it leaves Apple's facility, anything Apple does because of FedEx's issues is gravy that the OP should be grateful for, not saying bad things about Apple's online ordering. What more could Apple have done? Would you rather they ship with UPS or USPS? Yeah, they are so much more reliable. Maybe Apple should stop offering online ordering so no one can ever be disappointed again. OR Apple shouldn't tell people when it ships so they won't count the days and then complain. After all, they shipped it nine days earlier than they originally said, the bastards. I rarely order anything expedited unless there's an emergency because I know from experience that there's no guarantee that it will arrive sooner than standard shipping and FedEX does NOT guarantee a certain delivery date. Lesson learned. The OP should stick with buying in person if he can't deal with a late delivery once in a blue moon. I just hope if he takes one of Apple's offers and he gets the first one as well, he has the decency to send it back to Apple.
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    Perhaps you should read 'The Accidental Billionaires' or see 'The Social Network'.

    What you've 'said' online is very much out there for the world to see.
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    How is this a Fedex fail? Seems like Apple is dropping the ball if there isn't a refund.


    Again how is this a fedex fail if Apple hasn't refunded your money?
    You paid Apple for a service to ship, Apple chose to use fedex and paid for the shipping. fedex got paid by apple not you. Apple still paid for the shipping. Apple owes you $3.99 not fedex.

    Also, check the expected delivery date. Fedex, UPS and USPS sometime bundle packages of slower priority and move higher priority items first. If there is weather issues or a flight was missed low priorty packages will sit in the distro center
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    WOW, how much caffeine have you had today?? :eek::eek::eek:

    It sounds as though you are completely unaware that certain types of FedEx products DO carry GUARANTEED delivery dates. In fact, depending upon the type, they will even GUARANTEE it to be delivered by 1030 or noon on the next business day. You're confusing this with UPS, who do NOT guarantee their delivery dates.

    FedEx seems to have lost his package somewhere, and his gripe is with them. Don't be surprised, this happens ALL the time. Ignoring the fact you did not receive the package will get you a response that it is the customer's responsibility to notify FedEx of a missing/delayed package. Been there with that myself. So there's nothing much Apple can do at this point. I would simply keep harassing FedEx about it... daily.
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    Oh my god. You people really need to chill out. Apple contracts FedEx and therefore on some level they are responsible as well. Do you really need to get your panties in a bunch because I am unsatisfied with Apple's service in this particular case? I am really tired of the freak out reaction every time somebody has a concern or complaint with Apple. I like Apple products and own several and will continue to buy them. I am not satisfied with this purchase and simply want what I paid for.

    I bought a product from Apple and their contractor has failed to deliver it. Apple is the end party that is responsible. Just because you make a douchey "thumbs up" doesn't make you right.

    As far as the whole "social network/accidental millionaire" thing goes...do you have some sort of point? In the end I was asking for advice as to whether I should ask for a refund or restart the whole process. Neither solution pleases me as I was expecting to have this product 5 days ago and either solution results in me not receiving it within a week. I am supposed to be happy and bow down and be grateful for this?

    Get a grip. Doesn't matter whose fault it is that the shipment is lost/delayed, I bought it from apple, apple took my money and I don't have the product. I did not bash Apple for **** sakes. I expressed I had a poor experience and I get douches bashing me? wow again.
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    Apple refunded (or at this point said they would) my expedited shipping (I'm in Canada and the shipping was $15.00 not $3.99) on FedEx the expected delivery date was Oct. 7/10 so I arranged to be home during the day. It is now the 12th and the status still shows it in Memphis and apparently has not moved since arriving there on the 5th. I can see a delay of a day, but it is now 5 days and counting. In addition I have called fedex several times and they keep telling me they will trace and call back, I have yet to hear from them at all...this sucks.
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    Yes, I was countering your supposition that what you've posted here is not available for all the world to read and see.

    While the comments you've posted recently may be of little consequence now, how do you know they will still be of little consequence in the future?
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    Wow...you're right. Sometime in the future there will be dire consequences that I had a poor experience with online shopping....there goes the possibility of public office. I had such dreams...
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    I never said the chances were great.

    Only that the chance was there.
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    FYI for the future. Here's an excerpt from Apple's shipping policy http://storeimages.apple.com/1751/store.apple.com/Catalog/US/Images/salespolicies.html#topic-15:

    "Remember that these estimates are for time in transit only, and that they do not apply until the product leaves Apple’s facilities. As the delivery of your order is beyond Apple’s control once your order leaves Apple’s facilities, Apple cannot assume liability for late deliveries, regardless of the delivery method you specify."
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    What the hell is your point?

    FOR **** SAKES...did you read the title of the thread? it's pretty clear that I consider FedEx to be the most responsible party. I came here for advice as I'd never encountered the problem before. I get it. Apple is the greatest company in the world and I will no longer even remotely imply I am anything but fully satisfied with every single facet of the company. I'm sorry you got upset at my blatant moderate frustration with my shopping experience. Please find it in your heart to forgive me.

    I simply wanted to know whether I should ask for the refund I was offered, request a new shipment, or continue waiting. Was that really too much to ask? I am not asking for anything for free, I'm not asking for a discount, I didn't even ask for the shipping refund (Apple offered it as soon as they saw it was days past due), I just wanted advice as to which course of action to take that would likely result in me getting my purchase the soonest.
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    It's good to see so many people are doing so well in life that things like this are what constitutes a stressful situation for them. :)
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    Originally, mine was set for delivery by Oct14 and received my first attempt yesterday.
    I do a ton of shipping through UPS and Fedex. Good bad indifferent they are pretty much the same.
    Boston has a ton of fedex flights daily. Once it leaves Worcester/Auburn MA it goes to Boston and from there Memphis. As stated before the lower priority or scheduled deliveries (such as delivery by October 14) the package will appear to sit there for days. then all of a sudden it show multiple updates. this usually occurs when it transfers from FEDEX to contracted agents of FEDEX such as Ground/Home delivery.
    Around here a lot FEDEX contractors do not work on Mondays.
    Surely, I am not sticking up for FEDEX just sharing some learnings
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    It didn't pass through the Indy FedEx hub did it?


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    Interesting post! My Apple TV was briefly in Indy yesterday but made it past this guy and I'll get it this afternoon. phew! I think it's pretty amazing that in five days my Apple TV went from China-Hong Kong-Alaska-Indianapolis-Minneapolis-St. Paul-my house in the 'burbs. FedEx isn't perfect but it does the job the vast majority of the time.
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