Fedex Lost my G5!! :(

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by chelseasian, Nov 18, 2004.

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    :( I am wondering if anybody experienced what I just went through with bloody Fedex. (I ordered a 2.0Ghz G5 because I need to get something done urgently- I much preferred the 2.5 but since I couldn't wait for 3 to 5 weeks I thought I'll settle because it can be shipped out the next business day. Wrong. i had to wait another 4 days for it.)

    Anyway, the package was finally shipped out via Fedex Ground on Nov 8 out of Anaheim, CA. On Fedex's website, it shows that I was supposed to receive my computer on Nov 12. So I took the day off and waited at home, all excited. Around 6:00PM i made a phone call to check on the status- since the website says it is on the vehicle for delivery. They told me to wait till 8PM. 8PM came and went, nothing.

    To make the story short, after many phone calls, and endless "I am sorry..." from their customer reps, it got to the point where they threaten to sue me for harassment. Don't mess with a Mac guy and his Mac. they finally conceded today that they have lost the package. They have no idea where it is, and best part, it still say on their website that the package is out for delivery from their facility in Brooklyn. I live in Manhattan- the distance between the two counties are about half hour at most.

    I bloody hate bloody Fedex and wish that Apple would offer other shippers besides this company.

    Worst part is I have to delay my deadline, twice. Not too happy a Mac guy here.
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    What were telling them that would make them want to sue you? :eek:
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    Ouch. Have they offered (or have you proposed) that they pop for a new G5 with identical specs and next-day it to you at no cost to you? They can then figure out what to do with your G5 when they find it.
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    1. did you get shipping insurance?
    if you did, i am fairly certain that if they dont find it they have to reimburse you at least a bit.
    2. if you did have insurance, and they dont pay up, then you can sue them!

    ive had problems with fedex as well.
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    I would inform Apple of this. I believe they have been pretty good at taking on the shippers for lost packages/computers. I would also ask FedEx to find out who the driver was, because if it was on it way to delivery, he/she probably took it.
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    Nope- no insurance nothing. It is the standard Free ground shipping that Apple offers.

    They threaten to sue because I must have called them every 4 or 5 hours demanding to know what is the status. I know I probably got carried away on this one, but I need to know what is happening so that I can plan my work schedule instead of taking another day off work to sit at home and wait for it.
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    Mr. Anderson

    You never received it, so they still owe you a machine.

    This happened to me a couple years back when I ordered a BTO powerbook - basically, what will end up happening is that Apple and FedEx will agree that the machine was lost/stolen and they'll send you a replacement.

    That's the good news - the bad news is that its going to take some more time.

    I'd talk to Apple and have them handle it with FedEx..

    I feel for you, it was really painful to have to go through this myself, but in the end, there really isn't anything you can do.

    Good luck,

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    Man, I would be so errkked it would not even be funny! No one would want to be around me. I agree with Mr. A - Call apple, they care that you get your machine, and they have more power to get their way, you are just one person - Apple is a very large company. I am sorry you have to wait on this one for a while, YOur PM G5 will fly though!
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    That sucks!

    If you haven't already, I'd call Apple and let them know what's going on.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Its not his fault, its fedex - and since he hasn't taken delivery, its between Apple and FedEx only. If they somehow miraculously come up with the machine, that would be great, but don't hold your breath.

    Did you get a BTO or standard? If its BTO you're going to be waiting till they can make one and ship it from over seas....

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    Unfortunately it was built to order. :cool: So I have wait again- I am thinking now that since i have waited that long, i may as well just go ahead and upgrade to a 2.5. I have spoken with Apple and they will let me know of a decision tomorrow once they have cleared with Fedex. But nonetheless if i thought I'd share my configuration:

    2.0 Ghz
    2 GB RAM
    240 or 250 HD
    128 MB video/graphics card

    So I am excited in that sense waiting for it. I am experiementing alot with video these days and may eventually get the Final Cut Pro bundle.

    Here's keeping my fingers cross and who knows I may get it in time for Christmas instead, and still buy my pony tail lined boots.
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    I never had any problems with FexEd but i have had problems with UPS and i would never use them.
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    That is a terrible situation, very sorry to hear of your problem. I don't think that your phone call every five hours is excessive. Certainly is no reason for them to threaten a harassment lawsuit. You should definitely let Apple handle the problem. They are the ones that paid for the insurance and shipping. :(
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    Should I wait till after MacWorld SF 2005?

    Oh well... too late, I've ordered ecerything through Apple. Hmmm... I am now contemplating seriously about upgrading to a 2.5Ghz or should I wait till january after macWorld for 3.0 (if they ever get there)? What do you guys think?
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    Oh well Apple is replacing it

    Thanks for everybody's nice and sympathetic remarks. I've just received a call from Apple and they are replacing the machine. So cheers to Apple.

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    Dont wait. If you are in need of a production machine, get what you need to get the job done NOW! Also, you can get some taxes benefits buying this late in the year (you are self-employed, right).

    Its totaly unprobable that Apple will announce a speed bump in jan. My guess is PCI-E and move to 2,2.3 and 2.5Ghz computer or something like that. They can hardly keep up with the demand for the 2,5 so there is no need to speed it up. Even if they announced a faster computer, do you want to wait the 2 months (minimum) before getting it? When you make a living out of your computer, you need it right now!

    If they replace the machine, maybe they would allow you to change your order.. You better check it out asap.
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    I highly doubt that Apple would introduce a 2.3 GHz PowerMac G5, instead saving G5 CPUs at that speed for Xserves. A PCI-E introduction seems likely to me too.

    Also, chelseasian - If you do decide to buy a PowerMac G5 now somewhere, upgrading/expanding it is relatively simple. Apple made the case easy to open, and just about everything except the G5 processor itself and the motherboard can easily be replaced (this includes the graphics card, RAM, and hard drives).
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    I had similar problem with FedEx last year when I ordered my PB. I was tracking it out of Taiwan, through Alaska to Indianapolis as the Thanksgiving Holiday approached. The morning I was due to leave town to visit family, it still said delivery expected by 10 am. I left work early, and it had just left Indianapolis.....the FedEx office is right around the corner from my apartment, I went there and asked them to hold it for me until I came back. They said sure, they could do that for me. I came back, to find that they had tried to deliver it, even with the designation 'hold for pickup'. When they couldn't deliver it, they sent it back to Apple, the morning that I came in to get it. They then told me it was their policy to hold packages for 5 business days. I was gone for 3 business days.
    The tracking number got changed, so when I called Apple about it, they said they'd send it back to me when it came in. They didn't realize that they already had it. A few days went by before I found out about the changed tracking number and where it was.
    All told, Fedex had it in transit for 10 days. Apple had only taken 5 to BTO it.
    I eventually did get it, and have been very happy with it.
    BTW, when I ordered the iMac G5, I was there ready and waiting for it when the FedEx truck drove up.
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    If they scanned your G5 that means it was put on the truck.....which means it was lost being on the truck with the driver. I would contact customer relations and fill out a complaint (I've done it before with FedEx) so that they can at least have on record that this driver lost/delivered to wrong address/stole your G5. You'd at least be helping future people who this guy delivers to.
    By the way, I hate FedEx and will never again use them to ship anything. I do wish Apple would offer alternatives. I'd pay more for shipping just to use someone else.

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