Feeler: 14" Powerbook G3 Lombard

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by livingfortoday, Jul 18, 2006.

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    Some quick photos:

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    Since it has a 60GB HD, you could probably get it for $250. I'm not interested, though. :eek:
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    $250? That seems a little high, doesn't it? I mean, I was hoping to get $200 for it, if possible, but I figured that might have been too high as well.

    Anyone else have any thoughts? Is there that high of a demand for these Powerbooks still? If I could get that much, heck, I'd sell tomorrow and just rely on my desktop for a while.
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    Well all depends. I just got a steal of a deal. A G4 Powerbook 400mhz with 768 mb of RAM, 10GB HD. For $165 shipped. Yes it has a dead IB, but i can replace that. It also has been modified but still. Its a good price. So for that I would be thinking $175-$200 maybe more if it goes on ebay.
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    What OS is on it now, and what's the highest it can go?

    Also were you thinking a little less than $200?
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    It's got 10.3.9 Panther on there right now. I'm pretty sure you can use XPostFacto for Tiger, but Panther installs without any hacks.
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    If you are looking for a used alu pb let me know, I am looking to sell mine. Its a 15" 1.5ghz 1gb ram etc in near mint condition. Send me a pm.
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    Thanks magid, but I already have one lined up, it's just a matter of when I'll get it now.

    amacgenius - sorry, I forgot to answer your second question. I'm not really sure what the price I want to get for this is. Still checkin' around, though probably the $200 range.
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    Ah, alright, g'luck with your sale.
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    Man, i was looking for a Lombard a couple weeks ago, for doing search in the library and surfing the www. at coffee shops.....It really is too bad...but good luck on your sell.
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    If you don't sell this soon, I may be interested. I'm trying to get together funding for something like a lombard and this seems to be a fine specimen.

    I miss my Lombard (sold it to best friend for college)
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    I want a Lombard for my wife and they also seem to go for much less then Pismo's lol.

    I would be willing to throw some offers your way later on this week if things work out with my other Ti 800mhz stuff selling.
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    Okay, this has SOLD for $250. Thanks to all you PM'd me and replied here.

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