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Feeler: 16 GB iPhone

Discussion in 'iPhone Marketplace Archive' started by thechidz, May 6, 2008.

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    I will probably be selling it around june 1st;)

    what do you think for price? any canadiens feel like pre-ordering this bad boy?

    It has all original materials, box accessories etc... has been knocked around a little, which most phones do, so has a couple small dents/scuffs on the aluminum back and by the volume control...
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    I'm interested (and will be around NYC the weekend of June 6).

    What's a fair price?
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    not really sure. I definitely cant afford to lose too much on it and it is jailbroken and I could easily unlock it to get more for it... considering the couple of (very small) blemishes 475?
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    No chance I'd go that high seeing how *today* I can buy that same phone brand new for 499 (and jailbreak/unlock it myself).

    This assumes they don't drop the price in June when they release the 3G.
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    I'm not trying to be mean just trying to give some advice:

    1.) For $475 I might as well buy myself a new 16GB.

    2.) I know why you wanna sell it in June and so do MANY other MacRumors members. For the new iPhone of course. Many people would like to buy the new iPhone when it comes out so I would suggest putting it on eBay because some people there are dumb and buy anything for like any price.

    3.) If you do decide to sell it here though here are some reasonable selling prices:

    Before new iPhone comes out:
    $435ish plus shipping

    After new iPhone comes out
    $335ish(depends on price of new iPhone)

    Again, I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just trying to give you some advice on how to go about selling your iPhone.

    Hope it turns out good.
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    remember this is just a feeler right now... canadiens might be willing to pay more...

    after taxes you're looking at up to 550... some people would like to save 75 on a jailbroken iPhone

    why do you think I put the winking smiley on there?;)

    sometimes when a new product is released and people are disappointed <cough mba> the older models become valuable alternatives <cough powerbook 12">
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    When not in minty-mint condition, prepare to knock off quite a bit of $$.
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    people still want a deal, even if the phone isnt mint. I definitely cant go lower than 450, if it doesnt sell for at least that I will just give it as a present to a family member.

    Id like it to go for closer to 475 though

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