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Feeler: 7500 and beige G3

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by reberto, Nov 28, 2005.

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    My friend wants to sell some of his old macs so he can pay for his gaming PC. He does not have an account here. Here are the specs.

    Powermac G3 Desktop
    192 MB Ram
    266 MHz G3 CPU
    4 GB Western Digital IDE Hard Drive
    CD-ROM Drive
    Rage 128 PCI GPU w/16MB Video Ram
    2x USB 1.1 (on pci card)
    one empty PCI slot
    Also has a Floppy Drive and a Zip Drive
    comes with
    Microsoft Office 98
    (photos http://flickr.com/photos/michaelbeardsworth/67789301/
    http://flickr.com/photos/michaelbeardsworth/67789298/ )

    He can install Mac OS 9.2.1
    He can also do an install of 10.3, but that would cost extra
    He will also install a Firewire PCI card for $10

    Running OS 8.6
    CPU: G3 245 MHz on newer technology dt351c upgrade card
    ram: 128 MB
    gpu: ATI XCLAIM 3D
    hard drive: 1 GB Quantum SCSI drive

    comes with os 8.6 and office 98
    He can install the firewire card mentioned above for $10

    also---- semifunctional Powerbook 1400/166
    He don't know specs
    bad os install right now, but boots sometimes
    the bottom half of the screen is somewhat flakey, but should be fixable
    comes with modem PC Card
    for $10, he will also include an ethernet pc card
    This powerbook is sold AS-IS!

    Thanks for looking! You can reach him through me. PM me.
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    I did this for DJLC, and my thread got moved to the wastelands, so good luck while this thread stays here :(.
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    He does not have an account here so we should be good! :D
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    Ah, true, well tell your friend I said good luck with his sale. :)
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    I just talked to him and he can add 128 megs more ram to the G3. Any takers?
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    Why not ask him to trade it for something in your sig? *snicker* ;)
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    What sig? I have no sig!
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    any more offers? he can bump up the g3's ram to 384.
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    PM sent
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    PM replied...waiting to hear back...
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    PM not received :( Try again
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    are you still intrested?
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    how much for the 7500?
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    make an offer.

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