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Feeler: 8GB iPhone

Discussion in 'iPhone Marketplace Archive' started by abijnk, Feb 6, 2008.

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    I am wanting to sell my iPhone to move up to the bigger capacity one. I originally purchased an iPhone in August, but had trouble with it, so it got replaced on February 2 with a new/refurb from the store. So, this one is in pristine condition, and has a lifetime call usage of <10 hrs. It also has Apple Care warranty until August 2009. It comes with all the usual stuff, and will come in the box my first one was in (so, the number on the back don't match up).

    I would like to get $400 shipped out of it. (comment on that?)

    Also, I have a Jawbone Bluetooth headset that I have used like twice that I will sell as well, I'd like $440 for it and the phone (shipped).

    Let me know if you are interested or have questions.

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    $325 max. I highly doubt anyone would pay $400 for the item secondhand no matter how new it seems to be, considering you can get one for the same price brand new....
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    I think you missed the part about the AppleCare extended warranty
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    As MovieCutter said, it does have Apple Care, and I based my asking price on what I could get off of Ebay, too. Phones on there without Apple Care are going for $360 on the average. But, if someone has a decent offer I'll definitely take it into consideration.

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    I don't think that adds to much onto the resale value though for most people are willing to pay. Not here anyway.

    I would say $350 max. If you want more, consider eBay.
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    I think that's what I am going to go ahead and do, I want to make up as much of the cost as i possibly can to offset the 16GB one.

    Thanks everyone for your advice!!!!
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    Also consider the ebay fees... (they were just raised!).
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    I sold my 8 GB iPhone yesterday for $300 via Craigslist, within a span of about 5 hours. Listed it and had 3 e-mails within 3 hours, then had the buyer come over and pick it up from me. I'd say if your phone's in good condition, $300 is a reasonable price.
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    Ebay + Paypal fees are gonna be like $20. So $340 is a good price if you think you can get $360 on ebay... Especially if you can get a check or money order for it.
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    sell the jawbone separately?
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    I have to agree with the others $400 seems like a big reach. Applecare is good but I don't think like on the laptops you will recoup that much value.

    I would try craigslist to avoid the ebay fees and hope to get as close to your value as possible.
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    I see everyones points. I guess I will shoot for $375 and hope for the best. I am on a college campus, so hopefully it can go well.

    Thanks for your advice everyone!!!
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    From my time at college i found most of these people look for deals and not to spend a lot.

    You might want to think about if that extra 8 gigs is worth the value you would get. I also have an orig. iphone and while id like more space i don't really need it vs. the cost in lost value and replacing it.
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    What is the week number (4th and 5th digits on the serial) and the out-of-box software? What is the baseband software version?

    It may be worth the $375 if your phone is unlockabe. Paypal?
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    I just sold my 8 month old, 4GB iPhone of eBay for $390 + $12 shipping....

    eBayers are weird, so people pay too much!

    The auction closed less than a week ago.
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    Here is the serial number: 5K8038GAWH8, so week 3??? Like it says above, I got it from Apple last Saturday as a replacement for my old phone, so it is running 1.1.3. I have no idea what the baseband software version is or how to tell, but if you give me instructions there I can let you know...
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    Ebay is better...

    We just sold a cracked, barely funtioning 4GB iPhone for $150 on eBay. I'm sure you can sell yours for some good money.

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