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Feeler for my iBook..well more advice

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by buryyourbrideau, Dec 22, 2005.

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    Ok so Im thinking of putting my iBook up for sale on here and then eBay so I could get some money for a new intel PB or iBook.

    First dilemma, I need to keep it until the 9th bc I have online classes and if we dont get it, I would be screwed so if I wait til the new ones are announced, how bad do you think this would hurt what I can get for it.

    Ok...now specs

    14 inch iBook with G4 1.33GHZ
    768 MB of RAM
    80Gb HD
    Applecare with over 2 years remaining
    Extra iBook battery

    have had it since march and its been my baby so its in great condition.

    do you guys think I could at least get 1300 or 1400 for it. I paid 2300 for it all brand new. Just asking for opinions for now, and if anyone on here was interested in it, once intel books get announced. this will be for sale :D

    thanks in advance for all the advice
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    I would have to say 1300-1400 is a little to steep i would say between 1050-1200 would be a good guess. Ebay it, you should get more money on there.
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    yea I just want to make enough to cover a new Mactel iBook and like a little extra to put back into my bank account.

    anyone interested :confused:
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    I think you're in a tough position... if new iBooks are announced, most people are going to want those (nevermind the rev.A issues) and as a result lower the value on your iBook significantly.

    If I were to put a value on your iBook, I'd probably go about it something like this...

    1) Apple refurb has your model iBook with SuperDrive, 20GB less HDD space and 512MB less RAM for $999.

    2) Apple refurb also has the newer model 1.42 iBook with 20GB less HDD space and 256MB less RAM for $1049.

    Based off those prices, I would initially value your iBook around $1000. However, someone buying a refurb could potentially have AppleCare longer than what is available on yours (though yours having AppleCare is a huge plus)... so that drops the initial value a little bit. Coupled with your iBook being used, no matter how great condition you kept yours in, people will still think "used"... I'd then put the initial value of your iBook around $900.

    The extra RAM, extra HDD space and the AppleCare help quite a bit... so add another $50 for the RAM, another $90-100 for the HDD (cost to BTO on the online store) and another $150-200 for the AppleCare (because there's less time left than what someone could get for a new or refurb)... I would probably put the value of your iBook at or around $1200-$1300.

    That $1200-1300 is probably what you could expect to get for your iBook on eBay however, possibly more... people on MR are in general more knowledgable not only about Apple merchandise but possible Intel iBooks... so runninmac is probably fair in saying that you could get $1050+ here.

    If the extra cash is important to you, I'd say your best bet (like runninmac said) would be to sell it on eBay... the sooner before MWSF, the better.
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    yea ebay that sucks
    mooch off an apple store if you have one close to check e-mails an such
    this is a great place to sell stuff, but be prepared to sell it low (unles it a high demand item)

    you could probally get $1000 an here and between 1200-1300 on ebay

    why not just keep it until rev 2 mactels, rev 1's are def gonna have some tech glitches

    either way good luck in your journeys
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    How much will the announcement of new iBooks hurt the value of yours... it'll hurt you much more on MR than on eBay, I think.

    You should probably expect to lose at least $100 if you were to try to sell it on MR, probably more (since your book would be 2 revisions ago then). You'll probably get a higher price (relative to MR) initially on eBay because people are generally less knowledgable not only about the current value of Apple stuff, but the introductio of new revisions as well.

    So let's say you have to wait until the 9th to sell your book...

    On MR, like I said before... expect to lose out quite a bit. It would probably serve you better to just put it on eBay as soon as you can and post a thread about your book being on eBay (end the auction early if you get a good enough offer, etc.).

    On eBay, you might even then still get the full $1200-1300 that you could get by selling it now.

    Just speaking from personal experience, I put up my 15" PB on eBay about 1 week before the newest revision was announced and ended up selling it for almost exactly what I paid for it (education price) back in February. I'm not saying that you would be guaranteed to do the same, but your chances to get that full $1200-1300 (or ~$1000 on MR) are the greatest now (right before the announcements) and will a) immediately drop were you to try to sell on MR, versus b) be somewhat delayed were you to sell it on eBay.
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    There is no way in hell your getting that much money for yours. I can hardly get $1,050 for my 1.42GHz, 80GB, SuperDrive 8x, Bluetooth, Airport Extreme, 1.5GB RAM, Sudden Motion Sensor, Two finger scrolling, etc.

    Way to high. :rolleyes:
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    Your not ganna get 1200-1300 on eBay, most likely 1100 and 1200 is stretchin it.
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    well i am most likely going to put it up today. im just scared because if they come out on the ninth, and blah blah blah they dont ship for a week or two or whatnot then i am screwed because my online classes start on the 17th and my dad dosnt want to let me borrow his windows desktop just for a week or two.

    my other problem is i am a poor ass college student who moved from detroit to chicago on my own and i have like no money. so lets say i get 1200 tops for my ibook. do you guys think that it would cover the price of the new mactel ibook?
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    sell it asap o.o
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    Yeah, the prices are only going to go down.
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    alrighty well after some consideration, I am going to put my iBook on ebay on the 2nd of the new year and set a reserve of 1100. does anyone want to maybe give me an offer on here before it goes to auction?
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    If you want good attention on ebay make it a Gallery item, and also "Feature" it.

    I couldn't believe it, but I took in $650 for one of the 600Mhz G3 iBooks I sold recently. The exposure definitely helped!

    Most of the ebayers are going to be oblivious to the fact that new models are about to come out. Many are after something to match their iPod, and with this being the season full of people with extra Christmas cash, the market can be quite good ;) .
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    I dont think a lot of people will be knowing about the transition. I hope to pull at least 1100 for it so i can afford to get a newer mactel ibook with a few upgrades.
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    yeah if your going to get rid of it do it now so u can get as much out of it as possible. i'm getting rid of mine also right now. it's on ebay. i tried here but didn't have any luck. well some but nothing to good.
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    Yea im going to put it up for a week on the 2nd and have a 7 day auction so it can end right before Macworld. That way I can order my new iBook and get my old one out right at the same time. Im going to be screwed royally if new ibooks dont come out, even more if they come out and they are going to be less powerful than my current machine.
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    I have a feeling you're going to get screwed dude for the following reasons:

    1. Apple has a bad history of shipping new products quickly.
    2. You're counting on a lot to happen, stuff that should happen but you never know either.
    3. If you're in school, are there computer labs to cover the gap that might exist?

    Other things to consider, LIST IT over new years eve or new years day or on new years morning. Think about what people do on new years, they watch football and relax. Relax means more people browsing ebay. Also listing on a weekend puts your item higher up for the next weekend. I've sold many more things on nights / weekends than during the day.
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    Very good point. Yea I think I might put it up on Sunday instead of Monday. I would wait to do it until the new ones are announced but once they are I wont get diddly squat for mine. And yea I could be covered if the new ones arent announced. I would have to use a SUPER like 5 year old Dell desktop until I could get a new iBook. But that wouldnt bother me, as long as I could use IE to get onto my schools online class server. And Im somewhat new to eBay. When you said list it, did you mean start the auction then or something else?
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    Yeah ... when you list an auction it means start it. I would also try to figure out an optimitics Buy it Now price to set, I've had good luck with Buy it Now ...
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    I would probably do a buy it now of 1350 or something like that and set the reserve to 1100
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    To be honest it seems the advice in this thread points to the 1100-1200 range, so I would call 1350 too much, I'd do 1300 max ... but thats just me.
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    Yea I know what everyone told me the max would be, but isnt the point of buy it now so that someone can avoid the bidding war seeing as I can get at least 11 - 1200 for it
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    Regardless, that is too high and I highly doubt it will gain you a sale. Look at the completed listings, and go with the average value of those completed listings.

    Just so you know, most NIB iBooks of the same speed are going for less then $1100 as it is (Completed listings), and I am aware of the extra memory and other items on your iBook.

    But in the end, it is your auction, and you are the one itching to sell and buy something new.
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    Yea you are right and I will most likely make the BIN 1200. I mean I cant take less than 1100 for it or I wont even be able to afford a new one. With just the cash I make from selling this one, I meant to mention that :)
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    ok guys well its going up this afternoon. any offers?

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