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Feeler/FS: 12" powerbook with extras

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by jng, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. jng
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    I bought a Mac Book Pro last month and I'm moving to Germany in August and it just isn't sensible to bring 2 laptops. Therefore I am willing to part with my powerbook (my first mac) if the price is right. I want to see what you guys think of the machine and how much it is worth.

    12" 867 Mhz Powerbook.

    No dead pixels. There's a few cosmetic flaws. Two knicks on the top case. Slightly warped in the back. And the 'n' and 'c' keys are really worn. Other than that, it's the perfect e-mail, internet, word, computer.

    • Combo Drive. Reads/burns CDs and reads DVDs perfectly.
    • It has a nVIDIA GeForce 4 MX graphics card.
    • 100GB 5400rpm Hard drive (OWC) upgraded last August.
    • 640MB of RAM*
    • Battery is in great health. 100% according to coconut (see screenshot). Replaced within last yaer as part of recall program.
    • Brand new power adapter ($80 value). Still has stickers on it. The brick in the photo is borrowed from a friend.
    • Extension cord too

    *512MB crucial RAM. I have the original box/shipping material which you will need if the RAM defects. Without it, the "lifetime guarantee" does not apply. I've had to do this before.

    • mini VGA to VGA adapter
    • Original factory software install CD
    • Hardware test CD
    • Tiger DVD (box available upon request)
    • Original box (if wanted. Serial etc cut out for rebate though).

    • incase sleeve/bag - mint. hardly used. ($40 MSRP)
    • radtech cloth that protects screen ($15)
    • iSkin keyboard protector, artic/transparent (not pictured)

    I also have a copy of Office, the student/teacher version, not the '04 version but one before that if anyone is interested in buying that.

    I'd wipe the machine so you get it with nothing.

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  2. jng
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    More pictures

    I meant to attach more pictures, but Safari failed me a sec. So here they are.

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    I think $400 is a good number for that particular powerbook. Good luck with your sale and in Germany.
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    At $400, I'll take this, if no one else has called it yet.
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    wow and just when i thought every powerbook g4 had been beaten and the ground down with sand paper. $400 is a really good deal considering the amount of stuff that has been replaced, but this is really more like the iBooks, then the 12' Powerbooks that go on here, But those extras should seal the deal.
  6. jng
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    I like to take care of my computers :) And I think it looks great for 4 years of regular use not just at Uni but also for web design.

    And I've check'd ebay. The last powerbook 867 with a broken combo drive went for more than $400. If $400 is the best offer, I'd rather take my chances with ebay (I have more than 50 positive feedback since '01).
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    I would say $475 judging by the eBay prices and MacRumors difference, but idn. You just have to a buyer...
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    I have a friend looking for a nice notebook for web-surfing and office, How is office '01? Is it fast enough for a few basic apps? My friend is looking for something around this price range, she is a newbie to Mac. Our Band/Chorus teacher has an iBook and she is intrigued by the Mac, I think this would be a great starter Mac.
  9. jng
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    This (picture) is the version of office I have. I think it's '01. It was fast and fine. I only replaced it with the '04 version because I usually want the latest and if it's in my budget range. And the academic version was.

    I still haven't seen a price I really like so I might put it on ebay tomorrow.

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    Don't leave us hanging... link us to the auction!
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    i believe that you can still make offers prior to the unstarted auction...if i can read..:?
  12. jng
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    I won't put it on ebay until some time tomorrow. the original boxes are at my mother's house and I need to pick that up first.
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    I offer $515 shipped to 27612.

    Please tell me what you think.
  14. jng
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    Potential Buyers:

    Please let me know if you want the original powerbook box in your bid. That thing is huge and may increase shipping costs. Also let me know if you want the Tiger retail box.

    And via PM let me know how you intend to pay.


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