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(Feeler) FS: 5g iPod

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by macdaddy121, Jul 17, 2006.

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    For sale is a white 5g 30 GB ipod. It is in good condition but I don't use it near enough and even if I did, I don't have enough music to need a 30 gb. Oh yeah and my wife wants to get the new nike+ipod kits. :)

    I bought this from a friend after he had it for a month and I have used it sparingly at work and at school. It has been in a leather case that he had with it since he bought it (according to him and yes he is a trusted friend). I take it out of the case only to put it on the dock to charge and download music. I have never set it on the table or anything without it being in the case. With that said, over time very slight small scratches have accured. I think some dust particles or something got into the case and caused these small scratches. The front shows small signs of wear. Again nothing serious but they are there. It is still in great shape and the scratches are very hard to see. The iPod plays with out any problems what so ever. I have played music & videos on it without any type of problem. The battery life is still very good and it holds a good charge. When I bought it from my friend he had just moved back home from college and could not find the in wall charger. However the ipod charges through the dock which connects and charges through the usb port in your computer.

    The ipod will ship with the ipod, the Belkin leather case it goes in, the dock, the cord that connects the dock to the computer, and the headphones, I think he gave me the sleeve of the ipod that has the model number and all of the other information (i.e. serial number)(I will have to try and find this though).

    Here are two links to the accesories I am selling with the ipod:

    Dock:Currently sold and I will update upon completion

    iTrip:Currently sold and I will update upon completion

    Leather Case:Currently sold and I will update upon completion

    Let me know what you think. I am a trustworthy guy and I will answer your questions probably within a 30 minutes of asking them (atleast while I'm at work ;) )

    So, there it is. Let me see those offers. Thanks for looking.

    edit:forgot to put link to case.
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    I am interested in just the case, it is the black one?
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    Yep sure is and there is nothing wrong with it. It is the case with the belt clip. Let me know if you are interested.
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    Here are some pics. After a couple of messages I want to say. The scratches are minimal and hard to see. I just didn't want someone to buy it and say....."you never told me this had scratches". The pictures will show that these are hard to see scratches.

    This is my first time to try and put pictures up so hopefully this works. Sorry if it doesn't work. If it doesn't send me a message and I can email them to you.

    I am at work so these are only pictures of the ipod the headphones and the case. The iTrip and dock are at my house and I can take pictures tonight. Thanks.

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    Ryan T.

    I have that case, it's fantastic.
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    That's weird. I have the same camera, ipod, case, and headphones. Hm.
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    Quit stalking me......just kidding.

    The camera is actually the company camera I used here at work. Everything else is mine and FS.....I have people interested in the dock and people interested in the case. So, let me know....
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    Dock has been sold and payed with through paypal and will ship out in the morning.
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    Dock is for sale again. Previous buyer was unable to buy. So everything is still for sale.
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    Just want to say macdaddy is a very honest seller. He is understanding too. Good luck on the sale!
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    How much are you wanting to sell the ipod + accesories for?
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    All of the accesories?
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    The itrip and the dock
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    After doing some research how does this sound:

    iPod: $225
    +shipping costs

    Total: 270 + actual shipping costs

    Let me know.
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    You've got a deal :)
    If you'd like I can pay you now through paypal.
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    I just sent you a PM. Check it out for the details.
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    iPod, Dock, and iTrip are currently sold and I will update when payment goes through and package is shipped and received. The leather case has an offer out and I will update as soon as I hear back from the potential buyer. Thanks.
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    All of the items for sale are currently accounted for and payment is being sent. After payment is received the items will be officially sold and I will update this thread. Thanks to everyone who showed interest and thank you to the future owners. Both were very good to work with and after I get my payment I will inform everyone of the buyers. Thanks again.

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