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Feeler: How much could I sell this set-up for

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by cuestakid, Jun 11, 2008.

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    I am seriously considering selling my huge tower of power and getting a MBP-I just dont need everything the MP has

    2006 MP
    base model
    500GB HD in 2nd bay(Samsung)
    2 port eSATA card
    Original Box, keyboard mouse
    Carrying case
    Monitor (19)

    However, there is a dent on the side panel that is noticable and When i had first tried to sell the machine and got an estimate on its value I was told that the dent voided my apple care though when I last called apple for something else they went on the assumption that my apple care is still good so I am not clear on that issue. Furthermore, I can't seem to find anything in the terms or conditions that states that accidental damage voids the warranty at all.

    My simple question is how much could I sell this whole thing for? I submitted it to a place online and they told me 1300. Would that be fair?
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    I would be interested in this.
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    I actually meant to post this in Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion section-I am not really interested in an Internet Sales unless some buyer here is willing to pay for shipping as well. I am more interested in seeing how much I could sell it for on place like Craigslist or something like that.
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    Valuations and feelers go in the Marketplace, I'm afraid.
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    did not know that. Thanks!
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    How old is it? or How much longer you have on the Applecare? Is there anything wrong with the machine at all because of the dent? What is your location? Thanks.
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    I would price that at $1100
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    Computer was purchased in August of 2006 and AppleCare was bought same day-I dont have the exact end date but I think that it is good till like next August but I am not positive. There are some scratches on the side but other than these cosmetics, The machine runs great. Since the dents have been there for over a year now, I have not noticed anything unusual.The only other thing that I have noticed is that if have my external HD plugged in via eSATA, the machine can take a while to boot to the internal drive, but I am fairly sure that is because of the external HD as when I disconnect the drive the computer boots up reasonably quick.

    I will also post some pics when I get back to my house of the dent
    I am in Stanford, CA
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    Shoot, I'd be in at $1100. Let me know if you decide to sell (locally, I'm in Seattle - I can't see where you are) or I'd pay shipping.

    Never mind, I see Stanford. I'll be in that area sometime in the summer but it would probably be easier to ship... airplanes are a major pia to get big ol' boxes on.
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    here are some pics

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    Replied to your PM. Curious about vid card and processor speed but I'd like to talk; get at me whenever you're back.
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    Mods please close this thread-the machine is already sold

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