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FEELER: iPhone 8GB Just repalced by apple

Discussion in 'iPhone Marketplace Archive' started by MacBookJoePro, Mar 4, 2008.

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    I wanna know what I can get for my iPhone 8GB version. I just got it replaced by apple this morning and it is my chance to sell it while its in like Brand new condition. Still has the plastic on the screen.

    Let me know what its worth and who's interested.


    *EDIT*: oops spelled replaced wrong in the title. know everyone will think i'm stupid. :(

    *Edit again*: it comes with stand, cable, charger, original box (But serial number is different since I got it replaced). I don't think you'll want the headset cuz its been used to death but I can through it in if you want. Its not in good shape.

    *EDIT* Selling $360 OBO.
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    Probably $345 or so
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    considering these go for 349 refurb from apple, id say between 300-330.
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    Ooo nice.. now is anyone interested?
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    sorry, should have read further
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    nm this is going on ebay! Thanks everyone for their input.


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