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Feeler: PowerMac G4

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by Ryan T., Aug 7, 2007.

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    Ryan T.

    Hey all - I have a PowerMac G4 I've been upgrading. However, it's not getting as much use as I'd hoped, so I may be looking to move it. Cash is great, but also trades for things like a dSLR, other Apple computers, etc. Let me know what you think it might be worth...

    G4 AGP Graphics
    1.3GHz PowerPC G4 FastMac upgrade with 2MB L3 cache (7455B chip, very nice)
    2GB PC133 RAM (4 x 512MB)
    40GB 7200 RPM Samsung spinpoint hard drive
    32MB nVidia GeForce graphics card (supports quartz extreme)
    USB 2.0 4 port expansion card

    Thanks for opinions, offers, etc.
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    Is this in a Sawtooth (blueish grey) or another type of case? Wondering, because the FSB on that board would absolutely choke the 1.3GHz G4 (100MHz)
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    Ryan T.

    Yes, it's a Sawtooth. It's set to the 100MHz bus multiplier. 133 MHz bus would set the CPU at 1.33GHz.
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    i would say its worth around $250ish at most. nice specs, but would be better with a larger hd like a 120gb or so.
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    Ryan T.

    Well hard drives aren't exactly expensive. I guess I could purchase one of those for it, but figured most people would just throw their own in.

    If we're really only at $250, I think I'd be better parting it out. The CPU upgrade is worth around $175-200 on eBay and the RAM is worth $200 or so on it's own.
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    cpu...... 3 similar cards I've watched on ebay in the past 2 weeks have all went for $150 or less :)

    ram = maybe $40 each, or $140 for all 4, at least around here anyways......

    and dont waste your time or money on a HDD for it.......most people WILL put there own in it anyways
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    Ryan T.

    Thanks, I guess. I didn't know the L3 cache CPU's could be had so reasonable. Well, even with your values I guess I'd be best off parting it out, could probably get $350 for the RAM, CPU, stock CPU, graphics card and USB 2.0 card. Suppose I should decide what to do then.

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