Feeler: Roughed Up/Working 10GB 3G iPod with Mint Box & Manuals

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by Unspeaked, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Unspeaked
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    Sorry for the lack of photographs, if there's interest I may put something up later.

    What I'm thinking of selling is a 10GB 3rd-Generation iPod.

    It was purchased new (not refurbished) on Amazon back in the day.

    The iPod itself was never used with a case, so it's got a lot of scratches. It's not the most scratched up iPod I've ever seen, but it's admittedly bad.

    The box, however, is perfect. It even has the shrink-wrap on it, and all the contents (manuals, stickers, media, packing materials) are mint.

    The iPod holds a pretty good charge for the age (around 5 hours) and works beautifully. No weird drive noises or anything. There's no power adapter included, but everything else is there: FireWire cable, earbuds (unused!), etc.

    I'm guessing the main value here could be the box, though :)
  2. gkarris
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    Dibs. Please PM me how much you are expecting. I'm mainly interested in the box and packaging...

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