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Feeler: WTB: G3 Ibook

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by macmanmatty, Jan 3, 2006.

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    I am looking for a 500 mhz+ g3 ibook. I have roughly 300-600 to spend and would like to see what everyone has to offer.


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    I have an:

    800mhz 12"
    640mb RAM (maxxed out)
    30gb HD
    Great condition
    Airport Installed (Bonus)

    Not sure if I wanna sell it yet, but you can make me an offer. :)
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    i have a G3 ibook for sale with these specs

    500MHz G3
    10GB HD
    320MB of RAM
    OSX 10.4

    It comes with the power adapter and a Apple Pro Keyboard.

    The asking price is $350US but i am flexible.

    email me at: william@williamwilkinson.com i have pictures ready
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    If nobody wants to sell theirs go to this site.
    You can pick which G3 processor from 500-900MHz
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    I have a 600MHZ/20GB/*COMBO*/384 RAM that you can have for $325 shipped. Send me a PM if you are interested.

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    Check eBay for auctions by PowerBookGuy. He has been around for years at http://www.powerbookguy.com. He had G3 800mhz iBooks with CD for $379 and combo drive for $479. Pretty good deals.

    You just have to be very careful about the G3 ibooks due to many logic board issues.

    If you search high and low--here and other forum sites you can probably find the first G4 800mhz iBook for around $650.

    If you can move up to $700 check Apple's Special Deals page for a refurb G4 iBook. Much more bang for your buck...

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