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Few questions about Garageband.

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by smudged, May 22, 2008.

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    Can you add effects so software instruments? Let's say I want some reverb in the snare track.

    Can you make sub-tracks Like in Logic? where you can lets say make a drum track and record each drum piece on separete tracks?

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    1) Yes you can add effects, with plugins or the ones that come with it.
    In the bottom left hand corner click details and it'll bring up editing options.

    2) Garageband 2 can record up to 8 inputs at one time.
    You'll have too configure your inputs/outputs with interface.
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    Thank you for answering.

    I have one more question:

    Does Garageband have a pitch changing utility? Let's say I want my vocal track in a lower pitch.
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    Double click on a part of the vocal track and the editor opens at the bottom. On the left side there's a pitch slider.

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