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Fictional Switch Story

Discussion in 'Switch Stories' started by Panther Blue, Oct 26, 2003.

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    This is a fictional switch story, based on what could happen in reality.

    I have been using PC's since i was two years old. I loved how they worked. That was until Windows XP came out. That disgustingly buggy OS which caught a virus a week, killing off my files like shoppers do to end-of-season sales.

    My school computers have always been PC's, and we are using old IBM POS's. Well, lucky for me, i just happened to do what I had always wanted to do.....

    My friend and i were discussing our life dreams. His, being shallow, was to Xerox his butt. Mine, being slightly less shallow, was to throw a school computer out a window and see the horrified look on the librarian's face before she screeched.

    Well, my friend came into school one day and said "hehe, I accomplished my dream... omg I Xeroxed my BUTT!"
    It was then my turn.

    That awful laptop crashed for the fourth time during Word processing, and that's when I'd had just about enough. I picked up the computer in a rage, quickly opened the second story window and tossed it to the concrete floor below.

    My librarian had that same look of horror i had pictured, and I just had to catch it on my camera phone. It was brilliant, and i'd post it today, but her face is too horrible to look at. Oh fine, I'll post it:

    *censored for your sanity and eyesight, and in case you have a mirror in the room*

    Well, you want to know what i told her? I told her that her face looked like the blue screen of death, and that it matched the computer. you know what she said? "I have always wanted to do that, you are my hero!"

    Next week, our school got a grant for macs. And my parents bought me an iBook. No more blue screens of death, only the blue screen of aquatic function. How soothing.
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    I'm sorry... but what is the significance of this imaginary scenario?
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    Sorry, I just have dreams of throwing the school computers. I won't post here again, my bad.
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    Brilliant short story! Maybe you should transpose it for an audiobook on iTunes. :)
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    Thanks. Wasn't my best writing, but i'm going to do more in the future (NOT IN THIS FORUM, MAYBE SOME REMOTE LOCATION WHERE IT IS MORE APPROPRIATE!) As for an audio book, maybe....
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    My alma mater has some Dells that are waiting for you.....

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