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Fieldfolio: Anyone hear of this new book style case?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by stfwayne, Oct 12, 2011.

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    I was reading on TUAW and noticed a review for the Fieldfolio book case for the iPad 2.

    It comes in a variety of colors and has a plastic insert where you place the iPad in as opposed to the black stickers that companies like Dodocase uses

    I just put an order in for a gray Fieldfolio and was wondering if anyone has heard anything about this case.
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    I was very interest in the Field Folio but the only thing that stopped me is that it doesn't quite have a stand. I guess no case is perfect but I haven't found any reviews yet either...

    Edit: Just found this review - http://www.tuaw.com/2011/10/03/fieldfolio-ipad-2-folio-case-perfects-the-book-look/

    The success last year of the DODOcase has spawned a host of imitators. DODOcase used traditional bookbinding skills around a wooden frame to create a bulky, yet beautiful iPad case that resembles a book. Many other cases have since arrived on the market, but most of them were pale imitations of the original. Now a new book-bound folio case for the iPad 2 has arrived from Down Under, and it appears that there may finally be a successor to the DODOcase. The Fieldfolio (US$69.95) is a beautifully built and extremely functional iPad 2 folio case. Read on for a full review.

    In a few words, the Fieldfolio can be described as drop-dead gorgeous. The cases use a high-quality linen from a mill that has been making the material for 150 years. This gives the outside of the case a smooth, yet grippable finish over a recycled material board. The linen is available in six different colors: black, gray (which looks like the linen used in OS X Lion), orange, blue, green, and pink.

    Each case is shipped with a card hand-signed by Fieldfolio Co-founder Alistair Newton and is shrink-wrapped for protection. After removing the shrink-wrap, you can see a lightly embossed "Fieldfolio" on the spine of the "book," and upon opening the case the frame that holds your iPad 2 becomes visible.

    Fieldfolio for iPad 2: Hard Cover Foilo Case


    DODOcase purists may decry the use of a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) shell for the frame, but for me it's a source of delight. The DODOcase uses a bamboo wood frame that looks nice and is a renewable material, but the slight variations in size and shape require some small pads in the corners of the frame to hold the iPad securely. Those pads tend to slip and fall out eventually if you take the iPad out of the DODOcase, to the point that the San Francisco-based company actually has a special page for ordering a free replacement set.

    Not so with the TPU shell in the Fieldfolio. The iPad 2 snaps right in and is held securely, with no concerns about those little corner pads falling out. Fieldfolio has a hole for the iPad 2's back-facing camera, as well as strategically-placed cutouts for the speaker, dock connector, volume rocker, mute button / orientation lock, microphone, headphone port, and sleep/wake/off/on button.

    One more thing... Fieldfolio has included a set of rare-earth magnets in the cover of the case that work perfectly with the iPad 2's magnet array. The result? The cover turns the iPad 2 on and off, just like Apple's own Smart Covers.

    With a product like this, there's not much to say other than the Fieldfolio does a wonderful job of protecting the iPad 2 and looks good while it's doing it. I give the Fieldfolio extra points for the Smart Cover-like magnet array, the easy-to-use internal frame for holding the iPad in place, and the hole for taking photos without removing the iPad from the case (as is necessary with the DODOcase).

    In my opinion, Fieldfolio has surpassed the DODOcase with a product that is in the same price range and in many ways works better than the book folio case pioneer. The colors are bright and cheery, the internal frame holds the iPad 2 very securely, there's no need to remove the iPad from the case to take a photo with the rear-facing camera, and even the way the linen looks and feels is refreshing.

    If you're considering buying one of the "book look" iPad cases on the market, definitely take a look at the Fieldfolio before you make your decision.
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    i ordered it because it looks very well designed

    hopefully i wont have the same nightmares i had with Portenzo AND Treegloo
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    Thanks for my daily spam.
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    I've been screaming about a plastic frame in a book binding for months now - this looks to be it. Too bad all the others did not do this first. I'd order one but have moved on to a back plus smartcover as it's easier for traveling. But this is the one I'd get. My P&Q college does the trick no for business meetings...Just wish this had a few more "business " colors like burgundy and navy instead of the "kardashian generation" colors for the kids...
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    Its not spam ive ordered plenty of different cases and stands im trying to see if anyone has heard anything besides the TUAW review thats all didnt know that was spam
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    Cynical much? I simply posted a review of the case. I don't have one and have no relation whatsoever to the company. End of story.
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    I've got one on order from the US in black. I'll find out soon...
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    Thanks for the post, I was just starting to research a Book style case for my iPad 2! Like might be a game changer!!
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    Nice I was choosing b/w black and gray and finally settled on the gray ill post pics once i get the case
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    what do you not like Portenzo AND Treegloo about ?


    so you like the P&Q or not ?
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    yes, but I would buy this one now as plywood frames will never last long term....
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    but pretty certain longer than most people will hold on to the iPad2, no ?
    like say 5 years.
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    oh hell no...do a search....less than a year they come loose
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    It's been a while. Any updates? Anyone receive their case?
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    my tracking # says my case should be in tomorrow. I'll try to post pics after class
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    I got my Fieldfolio in the mail today.

    I am pleased with the way the iPad 2 is held in place its a nice fit

    But what I dont like is the weight of the iPad 2 and case it just feels abnormally heavy

    Also maybe bc it is a new product the spine doesnt seem to bend that much but maybe that will change as the binding gets wore in.

    Another thing that is disappointing is lack of display options.

    Other than that I would say its a solid case but maybe should be around 50 bucks instead of 70+
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    How much does the case weigh? Pad and Quill Octavo (11 oz) is so far the heaviest book style case. Please consider contributing to the following thread I started.

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    I am sorry to hear that..... but once again shows there are amateurs in this business....You would think they would just take the best case in the biz with all the display options and light weight and slap a plastic frame in it...a shame....they need to read the jobs bio on how anal he was on the apple II or the original mac....and just do 1/2 of what he did! (LOL)
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    Just received my black Fieldfolio this morning. My crappy plastic kitchen scale claims the case weighs 15 oz, or 0.94 lb. It also says my iPad 2 (16gb, wi-fi) weighs 1.41 lb rather than 1.33 lb as Apple suggests, so the Fieldfolio measurement is slightly high (14oz, maybe?). Either way it appears to be the heaviest book-style case by several ounces.

    That said, the weight doesn't bother me; it feels solid and well-made. Undoubtedly they could have shaved off plenty of weight by using cheaper materials, but this feels like the kind of book that you rarely see on shelves. In addition, the spine appears to be reinforced (probably to support repeated opening and folding of the front cover). And the case part itself fits the iPad very snugly -- it's more accurate to call it rubber than plastic, I think, because plastic conjures up images of hard, shiny crap.

    I realize this post may seem suspicious because I just registered, but I've been lurking on MR for the past five months. I was really hesitant to spend $69 + shipping on the Fieldfolio, but for me it's a much better value than the Smart Cover and much classier than many other case options. I hope it proves durable over time.


    p.s. Glen, I actually think Fieldfolio gets it right with a number of small details (Jobs-esque attention to the little things). The magnets seal strongly enough to prevent the iPad from turning on accidentally, the tiny branding text is embossed, and even the slip of cardboard wrapped around the case packaging was printed with a letterpress. I realize these things don't matter much to some people but for me as a designer, it is indicative of attention to the small things that add up.
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    Maybe my earlier review sounded a bit too harsh.

    Let me say that I have ordered tons of products for my iPhone and iPad and the Fieldfolio sticks out for a variety of reasons:

    1. Solid and QUICK response from co-founder in regards to order info
    -After dealing with the Aholes from other certain companies (everyone knows who they are) I am glad I am dealing with someone who cares what I think and wants to satisfy me the customer

    2. The product itself is outstanding. Quality materials but as I said a bit too heavy and im still not sure about the binding.

    3. Detail to design...above poster hit it on the head, from the material on the outside, to the magnets in the cover, to the very minimal branding within and outside the case, this company has done a beautiful job.

    For a first generation product its great im sure the next iteration will be even closer to perfect than this one was. I have a smart cover in Navy and while I agree with above poster that its a nobrainer in terms of value and protection but the smart cover allows you to prop the ipad up for viewing which is one of the Fieldfolio's main problems imo

    If I had to rate the case I would give it a 9/10.
    After the Skadoosh and the iProp and possibly a Smart Cover, Fieldfolio seems to me like a must have gadget if you want to ball out and get the most out of your your iPad lol
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    So it's a bit on the heavy side but the quality outweighs its weight? Seems like FIELDFOLIO has really nailed the book-look for iPad. iPad is completely secured in the case (does not fall off like DODOcase), spine is reinforced, and there is no worry about bamboo warping or splitting. Book-style case is heavy and bulky anyway. FIELDFOLIO is probably the way to go if iPad needs to be in disguise. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
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    The fieldfolio does not fit the ipad 3 very well, and the magnets don't work for autowake/sleep.

    Anyone know if fieldfolio is working on a version specifically for the ipad?

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