Fieldrunners v1.2 released… And there was much rejoicing

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 3, 2009.

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    Link: Fieldrunners v1.2 released… And there was much rejoicing
    Description:: Atomic Studios has just released Fieldrunners v1.2 with a slew of goodies sure to keep me too busy to update Macenstein for the next couple days.

    New in v1.2 is a new “Drylands” canyon map, a new flying Fieldrunner (a P-47 Thunderbolt), a new icon, better autosave, and faster loading times. But the big news for Fieldrunners fans is the addition of two new towers!

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    Hooray! A new icon for the most overrated game in the entire app store.

    I like TD games, but this one didn't seem to challenge me at all. I deleted it, making me regret the purchase slightly less than iBeer.

    Here's to native "try before you buy".
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    I don't think it is overrated at all. I think it is one of the best games you can get. The new update is awesome.
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    I'm down with you. Fieldrunners is alright. I have yet to check out the update but my fave td will always be: EVERY single Warcraft III TFT td. Those kicked ass. I wasted thousands of hours on those. Damn I miss that game :p.
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    The only thing missing in Fieldrunners I think is that towers don't level up and there is no physics such as weakness and such that other TD games like 7cities, tap defense and crystal defenders have. Other than that, I like being creative on my paths but it's kinda frustrating too, sometimes.
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    Yeah, that's mainly where my dislike stood. You didn't get many options to level up or anything. Maybe I need to install it again, and see if my opinions still hold.

    7 Cities held my attention evey day at lunch for most of a month, trying to get past the final level.
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    I have really enjoyed Fieldrunners - My high score is level 435

    What strategies do you find work best and how do you adapt to the different maps?

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