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Fiesta Bowl

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by job, Jan 4, 2003.

  1. job
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    Just finished watching it.

    I'm happy as can be...

    My dad and I are big OSU fans. (Sorry MacAztec ;) :p)

    Tonights game has to be one of the best football games I have ever seen.

    Go to http://espn.com or cnn.com

    Any of the major news sites will have it somewhere.
  2. job
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    Simply Amazing.

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    I watched the game and I wanted OSU to win because I wanted Miami's winning streak to end. I think Miami should have won that game, that was a terrible call by the ref with the pass interference. but hey, things like that happen in a football game and there is nothing you can do about it.

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    damn good game. enjoyed it very much.

    too bad iowa was not in it.
  5. Gus
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    Best game I think I have seen since the '83 Orange Bowl (Nebraska-Miami). Time to hear all of the Miami fans to start whining about the "bad call". It was pass interference. Watch the FULL replay, not the last 2 seconds of the catch that ABC kept showing. The interference happened early and often. I love it.

    OSU did it!

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    Over Achiever

    Pass Interference:
    I watched the whole play unfold. Yes he was draped over him in the beginning of the play. But the ball wasn't thrown yet. The call was PASS INTERFERENCE, not HOLDING. When the ball was in the air, it was a clean play. Watch the entire replay yourself.;)
    That said, it truly was a bad call.

    The Outcome:
    I'm from Minnesota (who won the Music City Bowl thank you very much) so I'm all for the Big Ten. GO OSU!!!:D

    The Game:
    Double overtime in the championship game. Plays going down to fourth down. The tying field goal barely makes it into the uprights. Controverisal call. Great defense.

    A classic football game right down to the finish. :)
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    OK, if that's what you believe, BUT, this game would have been over in regulation time if the refs would have called holding against Miami with about 2.5 min to go. Gamble was held on a 3 down pass attempt - replays show it was a blown non-call. If Ohio State gets the call; they run the clock out and win in regulation time.

    Bottom line: Ohio State beat those guys up physically. There are no excuses.

    Yes, I agree with you, this was a classic football game. The best football game I ever witnessed.

    Go OSU
  8. Gus
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    I just watched the tape I made of the game, and I stand corrected-it was defensive holding, not pass interference. That said, KoKOPop is right about the non-call. There were actually 2 of them. But who cares now? Miami lost. :)

  9. Gus
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    Yeah, what happened to Iowa? I was really rooting for them to win. Being a Nebraska fan I can say this-Iowa played that game like NU did all season. Sorry about the loss man, I really did want them to win.

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    i am a huge bucks fan (my dad works at the university). i was really pleased by the outcome of the game. since the game ended a local shop has been making 3000 national champion shirts an hour and the all sold out today.:D :D
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    USC happened to Iowa :D

    Go Pac-10!!! (I grew up in Oregon)

    A sad note: the Pac 10 is the only BCS conference now without a national championship. In 5 years of BCS, though, 5 different conferences have won. Pretty amazing record!
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    Remember the game like it was yesterday. Lived in Nebraska then, a bitter diappointment. Tom Osborn wanted a clean win, a tie isn't the solution. He tried for the 2 point conversion and lost. :(

    I'm a native Buckeye, proud of them. My father-in-law is an alumni of OSU, medical school.

    Go Buckeye's, 14-0 record this year, they deserved it. A long drought, 1968 they defeated USC 27 - 16. Had a 10-0 record that year. I think they defeated OJ Simpson that year (killer of Nicole's), possibly the same year he won the Heisman!
  13. Gus
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    As bitter a pill as that loss was, Dr. Tom made the right choice. Go for the win. I'm sure he would have liked to go back and try a different play, I don't think he would go back and kick it instead. That's why you had to like the guy.

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    Thank you Gus for your comments! Dr. Tom is now a Congressman from Nebraska, Republican. He always has displayed his high moral character! :)

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