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File path for WD network drive

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by pozzydrive, Mar 3, 2011.

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    New here and new to Mac, also sorry if I have posted in the wrong forum, not sure which section to ask my question in, I need to know how I identify the file path for a network drive, I have an iMac with snow leopard 10.6, I also have a Western Digital Mybook network drive which is the drive path I would like to identify, can you please make the explanation as simple as possible, thank you.


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    Here are a couple of apps you might want to try,

    This will put Copy Path in your Services menu.

    This will let you put an icon at the top of Finder.

    Being new to using a Mac you may not have discovered the Service menu and and all the things it will allow you to easily do. You can find it under the Apps menu, next to the Apple  menu and at the bottom of the Right click context menu. It will change according to what is available for that app. The default Services will get you started but you can add more by using the Services Preferences under the Apps menu or by going to “System preference” > “Keyboard” > “Keyboard shortcut” > “Services”

    If you already know about Services maybe some one else will find it handy
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    Thanks for that, have downloaded those items from the links you attached, will give it a try.


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    Will have to wait until I finish copying some files so that I can try this copypath application, however I do have another question I noticed when i try to add the path of the WD Mybook drive via the Serviio program add local path, the WD Mybook which is displayed on the Mac desktop as Public, opens up with something in it called dropbox, yet there are no files on that drive with that name, I have many other files, and none of them are recognised in this path, any ideas why this should be the case?



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