file transfer 10.2.8 iBook to 10.6.6 iMac

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Rumorpal, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Could anybody please help with the following problem. I’m trying to rescue some files from a friend's old G3 iBook, which runs OS x 10.2.8, by transferring them through an ethernet cable (the old iBook’s CDWR is broken) to her iMac, which runs OS x 10.6.6. Migration Assistant on the OS x 10.6.6 desktop says that to connect the two Macs I must open Migration Assistant on the other computer, select “To another Mac” on the “select a Migration Method” pane, and then go through the procedure prompted. But the 10.2.8 suite doesn’t seem to include Migration Assistant among its Applications, and I don’t know what else to open so that the iMac’s Migration Assistant could find the old iBook through the ethernet connection. All advice would be gratefully received. Paul
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    would it not be easier just using a flash drive?
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    It depends. If one has a Firewire cable handy, Target Disk Mode is three times faster than USB can offer on that iBook.
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    This assumes the iBook has firewire.

    If it doesn't have FireWire I'd try connecting the iBook and iMac with the ethernet cable, opening System Preferences > Sharing on the iBook and check off Personal File Sharing. I'm not familiar with 10.2 so it may be called something else. Also in System Preferences you should shut off the Firewall to make the iBook visible and accessible by the iMac.

    Once that is done open the Finder on the iMac and hopefully the iBook will be visible on the Network. If it is you will probably be prompted to enter a name and administrator password. This prompting is for the name and password on the iBook. Once in you should be able to find the files and drag them over to the iMac.
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    Under 10.2 it was called sharing :) - I just checked on my iMac G3. (If the iBook is white, its got FireWire, in fact the only models without are the early iBook Clamshells)
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    The first iBook with a CD-RW drive had Firewire, only the first and second Clamshell generation did not have Firewire, but they also only had a CD drive.
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    Good point.

    It's all academic now...
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    And we'll never know, the OP is unlikely to return I guess.
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    No man. OP took your suggestion, fixed the issue, and now is sitting having a sud watching the superbowl.

    Think positive!

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