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Final decision

Discussion in 'Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion (archive)' started by Rob587, Jul 23, 2004.

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    ok.... I now know that I dont nessicarily need portability, but I dont nessicarily need a ton of power either. I will be going to college, but I dont want to take a jynormous 17" powerbook to class and look like some kind of wierdo. So now all it really comes down to I guess is looks, and I really like how the powerbook looks. The only thing I dont want to happen is for me to regret not getting a G5 with a 20" display. So what do you guys think, 17" maxed out powerbook or a 2.5ghtz G5?
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    17" PB's don't make you look strange in class...I wouldn't let that be a factor.
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    17 inch powerbook. All the girls will look ;-)

    No, seriously, I am in the same situation (starting at Bowdoin College in this fall) and I got a maxed out Powerbook (first mac, and thrilled). Well everything but the ram but I will probably add another stick from crucial when my wallet recovers from sticker shock ;-), well thats after I get a new iPod (wish I went to duke, lol.)
    Now I have a computer, which I know will most likely make it through college, I hope I will too!

    Where you starting college?
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    GET THE 17''! Hello! You would blast your PeeCee Weenie Classmates out of the water with that!
  5. dav
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    Yeah, if you are in college definitely go for the Powerbook.
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    You dont think that taking a 17" powerbook to class would make you look like a fruit cake? And u think I should get the powerbook over the Desktop.
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    Yes. That way you have a powerful mobile computer. Granted the G5 is faster etc, but have fun lugging that thing around. That will really make you look like a fruitcake!
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    thats the thing.. I dont think I would take the 17" powerbook anywhere anyway b/c f how large it is, so I thought maybee I should get a desktop, but I just cant let the powerbook go (its so dang pretty!)... help me choose, but dont make one of the reasons portability.
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    dude...i take my 17" everywhere! It's beautiful, portable and just sweet. I use it in class, and i get 'good' looks and people saying..wow! how do i get my desktop to look like that..then i have to explain that its a mac.. I've personally switched about 10 people since i've owned this laptop....get the 17!!!!
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    Well, what would you get instead if you would want a mobile computer? the 15 inch? the 17 inch is I think less than 2 inches bigger.
    go for it! where are you going to college? I doubt that it will be so difficult to carry from classes to classes. Get a nice bag, I got the Timbuk2 Commute. While I haven't used it that much, it was sized specifically for the 17 inch PB (the sleeve fits like a glove) and it's waterproof and has awesome pockets! Plus the Powerbook will be easier to take with you when you go home for winterbreak or whatever breaks you will have!

    By the way, the 17 inch sits really well in your lap ;-)
    and wait let me turn off the lights.... aah, love the backlit keyboard (this alone should be reason to get a PB)....

    where will you go to college?
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    If I didnt get the 17" powerbook I would get a 2.5ghts G5 with a 20" display, but I like how the notebook looks and I cant let it go. I have a friend that says I should get the desktop b/c of the power diff. uhhh.. I just dont know. :confused: I will be going to the University of Florida.
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    A "Compromise"

    Mate, how about something like this if you're thinking of a Dual 2.5 G5 or a 17" pb - perhaps a little re-configuring and you might have a solution:
    Uber-Desktop and Utra-portable:
    Dual 1.8 with your 20" monitor
    12" iBook or powerbook

    Thus you have a *very* small lappy for lectures etc. and an Uber-machine when you get home.

    That said, if I was doing uni again, I'd prolly opt for a maxed-out 15 or 17. Now though, I'm more inclined towards a desktop atm (though it'll prolly change :D)

    Just consider though: what stuff are you going to be using on your course - if you require custom software (more than just an office package) because you're doing something like engineering/science it might be worth getting your G5 rig for home and a small centrino pc for your course. Not a perfect solution if you want a mac. But being devil's advocate: those little centrino lappys will mix it with the big boys in the pc arena.

    Like anything: do your homework :eek: If say you were doing electrical/micro engineering, you'll be happy to know things like matlab are available on OSX.

    Virtual PC might get you out of Jail too depending on your course demands...

    -- Dan =)
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    I would prolly go for that except It costs a ton of money to get all of that! And I still wouldnt have the 17" powerbook which is what I am so attracted to for some reason.
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    17 will make you look like a show off...and you will regret the extra size when you carry it and have to get a "special" bag for it...

    the 15 is the answer..
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    like a moth to flame :D

    -- Dan =)
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