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Discussion in 'Console Games' started by LastLine, May 2, 2007.

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    So - Final Fantasy on the DS...

    III - Worth getting? Going to last me as long as a typical PS2 FF offering or not?

    XII - Currently Japan only - anyone know if it's going to be getting a US/EU port?
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    3 is incredible. It retains old skool difficulty and charm along with dynamic new 3D models, the soundtrack is one of the best in a FF game IMO and isn't full of handholding tutorials.
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    III was a waste of money imho. Story was average I suppose, the battles were slow and basically required me to push 'attack' over and over to win them (cept for bosses, damn they put up a challenge) the graphics are unappealing and overall I just did not like it at all. After about 22 hours of playing it I sold it to a buddy.
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    I'd stay away from III unless you love old school 8-bit RPGs. It looks nice but it's very monotonous and slow.
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    lol it might sound awful but I've read so many reviews that are just fan**** that I figured getting other people's viewpoints were probably a fairer review. :) Thanks for the suggestion mind!
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    yeah, i'd never trust a gamefaq review, take a look at something like metacritic.
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    I don't read into them, just look at the average figure of the review scores.
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    I started to play FF III and then stopped. It's fun enough, but you really have to be in the mood for slogging through an old school 8 bit crawler. I plan on getting back to it... eventually.

    I don't fault the story though. RPG stories are as predictable as romantic comedies and false horror movie endings.
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    #10 does it suffer for being a port from 8bit? I'm confused as to the meaning there.
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    Imagine taking a 1991 Volkswagon Jetta and giving it a new paint job, putting some new wheels, a nicer car stereo, maybe even a turbo charger (with an iPod adapter of course). Even though it looks a lot nicer, performs a littler better and what not at its heart it would still be a 1991 Jetta.

    FF III looks better, and there have been some tweaks here and there, but the story and style of play are still very anchored in the early days of the Sqaure and Nintendo when not a lot of expectations and technical abilities were an option.
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    After playing all the different Final Fantasy games on PS and PS2.. FFIII was a real treat on the DS. The graphics are very high for it being on a handheld and the gameplay is old school that everyone can enjoy. There is a difficulty towards the end of the game, but nothing impossible. The game has my two thumbs up!
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    III for the DS feel unfulfilling. I would try it 1st before you buy it.
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    Hopefully 5 and 6 will follow too!
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    But I just got VI Advance! Geez.

    I still say VI deserves a full-on, next-gen re-make for the PS3. It has a better story than anything they've cranked out since (given a little modernizing, anyway).
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    To answer OP, Revenant Wing is coming to US in Winter, Tactics PSP, DQ Joker and DQ Swords also this year for US.


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