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Final Fantasy I & II out NOW!

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by realph, Feb 24, 2010.

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    Good to know, maybe I'll get them considering the only old console I have that still works is a Nintendo lol and even then it rarely works so....
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    Would love to see FF7. Now that's a classic.
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    I've only been waiting for this since the app store opened. all the RPG clones out there were getting boring, not even any decent turn based rpgs. this however, is what I've been really wanting.
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    Got 'em both! The first is a true classic, and it was the first rpg I played with my best friend at age 11. Nostalgia.

    My true favorites are Final Fantasy 6 (3 in North America) and 7. Hoping for those, as well as Final Fantasy Tactics (always heard it was great, but never had a chance to play it). Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana would definitely be two that I'd replay.
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    $9 each ... uggh ... I was hoping for Apple pricing rather than typical Sony gouging ...

    It translated nicely onto the PSP via PSN (as did FF VII). Each of those are $9.99 ... but *huge*
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    When did $9 become such a huge amount of money? This price is in-line with what they've charged on every other platform. The iTunes model is not sustainable for large projects if everything is sold for $.99.

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    I know what you are saying, and agree that for new games it is a poison business model as it has had a widespread devaluation effect ... but I am talking about THESE games within that micro-economy.

    For 22 year old games that have clearly made their money and only needed to be ported to adapt the PSP control system to the touch screen, I would have set a reasonable price at $4.99 each. There was *NO* 'development' investment at all.
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    No development investment? The game didn't get ported over by itself nor was it configured to work with all the different iDevices along with the different OS's and what not. Of course there is a development investment, its not like copying text from Wikipedia onto Microsoft Word;).
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    Did you even READ my post - or was that just reactionary? ;) I put 'development' in quotes as I was implying that these are 22 year old games (not up for debate, I hope), that had their last actual changes of substance when the GBA ports were released in 2004. Even the PSP ports only had graphical retouches ... but that is more than what was done this time around.

    Of *course* there is development work - heck, even the simplest of ports (cider, for example) requires non-trivial coding and quality control work. However, given the number of times these games have been sold and resold, it certainly seems that it could have been on the lower end. I mean, look at Plants vs. Zombies for $2.99!
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    I downloaded the first one, I've been waiting forever for a FF game to be released. Awesomeness.
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    Welp, I splurged and bought the second one this evening . damn I love it.
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    People have got to stop bickering over App Store prices when stuff isn't 99 cents. Most games for the DS and PSP, even classic titles, will run you $15-20. Even Virtual Console games for Wii run you $5 for NES titles.
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    Game is hard as hell...how in the world do we buy more items...!!! Grrrr low on hp
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    I can't seem to get very far in FF2 I seem to find high end mobs just a short walk from the main city.

    Still fun as hell
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    Bought FF1 and FF2 last night... WOW so fun :) Just like the PSP version :)

    But i have many issues....

    For FF1 and FF2: Is there a way to target more than one enemy wit a spell like we do on the psp version of it ???

    When i tried to play my FFII this am, it was all in japanese.... WTF ???
    What should i do ???
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    Actually, I *COMPLETELY* agree with this ... I have written a couple of articles for GearDiary where I talk about how I hate the iApp business model and how it cheapens everything else.

    I mean, I wonder how much it cost to *PORT* a game like Final Fantasy or Plants vs. Zombies to the iPhone OS & Touch System and other considerations. How many copies would it take to 'break even'.

    NOW ... look at original IP ... how could you POSSIBLY manage to do a direct develop for the platform?

    THAT is why the iPhone / iPod Touch will never be a first rate gaming platform.
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    Bah, FF6 was the pinnacle :)
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    VI was one of the best RPG i've ever played.
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    Definitely agree - love the GBA version of that ... wish they would bring it to PSP / PSN / iTunes ...
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    Purchased FFI this morning and can't stop playing it. I cannot believe how well this game\these games have held up over the years!
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    I totally agree... They had a winning formula that still holds true.
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    Eventually people will realize that good games, including ports, require that the developers or porters break more than even. I look forward to that day, when quality games make it to the iDevice (that's not to say that there aren't some great games for very reasonable prices, but rather to say that we could get a much greater variety of quality games if we were willing to pay to make it a worthy undertaking for the developers).
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    If it's as popular as that zombies eat plants game that was released a week ago(made 1 million in sales in a week), they will break even by the end of the month.

    That being said, I'm sure they could lower their prices to $5 and break more than even.
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    Agree! Though I'll always have the softest spot for FF4. :) I have it for the DS, but I can't wait for an iPhone version...hope it gets ported soon!

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